6Xiaoxuan is a sorcere of the summer and Luo Qianjin.,Then the scenery,“Mr. Xia,When you call me,I am receiving guests,They and our Lao Luo have business people。”1t

Daughter is back,For6Smallwood,It is a big thing,More important than anything,She doesn’t want to let Luo Qianjin leaves mustard。1t
The meaning is also very clear,Obviously there is a use of passengers。1t
She doesn’t care about the opponent.。1t
Let6Xiao Su and Luo Tianfeng were unexpected,The middle-aged book is ready to say,But stopped by youth eyes。1t
He has a smile standing up.,“Mr. Luo,6Lady,This must be your daughter.,Huh,Both people,Do not hinder us to continue to discuss。”1t
6Xiao Su’s 眉 微 蹙 蹙,Just talk,The eyes of young people look at the summer,Some doubts between the look。1t
“This gentleman,Where is we have seen?,I look at you some faces.。”1t
Summer laughing,“Like,I also see you some eyes.。”1t
Young people doing a meditation,But finally shakes his head,“Can’t afford to,My name is Mu Tian.,From Hong Kong,Excuse me……”1t
This sentence,Summer eyes are in a wonderful,Spiral,“My name is summer,From Qinghai。”1t
Mu Tian suddenly felt that this name is more familiar.,I suddenly think,He quickly touched the phone,Open album,Follow the head,Teeth,“Yes!You are summer!”1t
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First1272Chapter Start to die
Not a family。1t
In fact,Many coincidences in reality,More than。1t
When you are a self-reported name,I remembered a person in the http://www.simier-shop.cn summer.。1t
In the Gree wooden tribe being killed by him……Mu Dong!1t
And let him accidentally,The other party actually knows oneself。1t
But think about it, I will understand it.。1t
Mujia Nairogon,A few days ago Mutong was killed by him,Summer does not cover up。1t
With Mu’s energy,It is enough to investigate some of his surface information。1t
And see the two people,More than Luo Qianjin,It is Luo Tianfeng and6Xiaosu is not as strange,Puzzle with silk。1t
“Mr. Xia,Mu Gongzi,You know?”1t
Mu Tian’s character is obviously different from Mu Dong,I can endure my inner anger.,“Of course I don’t know,However, my big name for Mr. Xia is like a thunder.。”1t
Paused,His mouth is outlined,Whisper,“As far as I know,Xia Mei and Qinghai Baihua Group Chairman Liu Qingqing……Is a lover relationship?”1http://www.freelin.cnt