“what happened?”

Notice that the summer is different,Liu Qingqing is full of oil。
“Uh,nothing,I just think of a sentence.。”
Toned,Summer look seriously,“Beauty loves to food,Just like a man loves to women。”
“I used to just didn’t have a chance.,There is no time to relax。”
Liu http://www.kali-linux.cn Qingqing does not care about his image,Lick your lips,“When the third,I entered the company,Must be installed mature and cold,And not in love。”
Finish,Supplemented a sentence,“In fact, Qinling is the same.,I still love to eat than I……”
Not finished,I saw the summer.,The expression on the face becomes wrong。
“what happened?”
Summer slowly turning,Show off the right side,Where is a group of people?,What seems to happen?,And out of a woman anger anger。
“I……I seem to hear the sound of Qinling。”Summer look。
Liu Qingqing。
The recent mood of Qinling is very bad。
very bad。
Whether it is work or emotional。
Work,She is impeccable,Still is Liu Qingqing’s girlfriends,Still is the most trusted person。
But the Qinling can feel,The faintness between the two is separated.。
In http://www.jiangxilucha.cn the past,If the two leave, you can chat with the street.。
But in addition to work,Already very privately contacted。
Qinling knows,This layer is not interested in it.,But there is an inexplicable embarrassment between each other.。
It is said that。
Sometimes I think about it.,Qinling feels that he has some grievances。
Because summer is her first man。
When Liu Qingqing is still in summer,She is interested in unintentional revealing the meaning of the summer.。
Liu Qingqing also joked her to seduce summer.。
But everything happened later,Slowly changed the taste。
This kind of thing is not wrong,Just Liu Qingqing near the water building
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Taiwanese first month,High advantage。
Qinling will not fight with good girlfriends,I will not ask for something。
And Liu Qingqing also knows her heart。
But still have a separation。
Most of the Qinling Resentment is,In addition to going to work on the summer every day,And occasionally several private telesars,Summer hasn’t seen her for a long time.。