“Do you want to enter the quantum http://www.sister365.cn of the sea??”

“Here is a reality and possible slices,Cognitive and existing space,Is the entrance to the quantum。”
“I have been guarding in huge maze entrance,For the way to the person who misses the people here,You want to enter the sea of quantum,Still give up。”Johhim persuaded。
“Quantum sea has a particular important……”Bronia shook his head,Change narrative,“There is a person who can’t miss in my life.,I have to save her.!”
“Enter the sea of quantum,Require qualification。”
Johchim talk room,Bonia’s side appeared several dark blue collapse,That is the quantum of the Han River。
Baronia instant summoned heavy bunny,Attack monster while defending itself。
Hanjiang on the other side,There is no use ability to directly enter the quantum,It is to walk with Bronia.,Who knows that he fell in another http://www.yizhehuo.cn claman。
“who are you,Why come here?。”
In front of Hanjiang,Is a black shadow,Can see the other party is a man,But fog……
Where is Johhim??
“You are worried about the little girl in front of you.?Do not worry,She is nothing。”
It seems to see the idea in the heart of Hanjiang,The fog man said。
“That let the opening,Let me find her,Or take me in the past。”
The foggy man shook his head gently,“Want to enter the quantum,Must accept my test,you……Ready??”
Han Jiang smiled,Don’t enter the quantum,Need to accept your test?What is joking?!
Han Jiang is intended to break the clamp directly with his own ability.,Direct access to the quantum,I didn’t expect my ability, I didn’t play.,Even the ability of the system seems to be invalid in this space.。
this moment,Han Jiang is like a scholar that is unbearable,Extremely pushful man,Fill the stone,Fall down the darkness。
“Next,You are about to enter a new world,Comply with your inner choices,Tell me your answer。”
“For you with the experience of wearing quantum sea experience,You can’t leave the world。”
“Just in that world,Tell me your choice.。”
When the fog man is in a little bit in the Hanjiang ear,Han Jiang is like a baby in 襁褓,Even unable to reach out,I entered the endless darkness at a little bit.。
Boronia is better,Several quantum shadows in the district,Also far is not the opponent of Bronia。
“Those monsters,Is your summoned?”
Bronia raises guns to Johim,If he dares to block himself to find Hill,So don’t blame yourself.。
Compared to“Receive”Hanjiang’s fogmous man,Johchim is gentle。
“Those monsters have nothing to do with my will,They are the shadow of the birth of the quantum sea,Is a cognitive projection,It is a monster that was born in your memory。”
“As long as you are in this space,You will continue to see the sight of your heart.,The more you get close to the quantum,Those projections will become more active。”
“but……Your weapon is very special,Ability to deal with them。”
“You said,Render?”Bronia put down the artillery,Doubt。
“It’s a lovely name.。”Johim first praised a wave,Then said:“It is the item derived from the sea of quantum,But you don’t seem to fully understand all your capabilities.。”
“Quantum shadows cannot cause harm to Bronia,So is I eligible now??”Bronia doesn’t want to continue to entangle in this matter.。
Johim touched his head,Sir, smile:“You are special,You have a strong and unmatched,Unfortunately, the more strong people,The more you can leave a fragile hole。”
“Bronia,Your test has just begun……”
in a blink,Johim arrived in front of Baronia,I pushed Bronia to push boulder.。
Broni Yac is very similar to Han River very similar,I didn’t think so-called“Receipt”Actually treat yourself like this。