When I said this, Wang Jing looked at Li with the wind.。

She now finds that her son is getting more and more unexpected.。
But see the appearance of Qin Su Ya.,She is also very unbearable。
Qin Sui listened to this,Original tears are still in my eyes,Instantly fall down。
She is waiting for a long time waiting for this sentence.。
Every time she wants to take this step,But always have a burden in my heart.。
Since Wang Jing admitted,The burden on her is also easy to make it easy.。
“Uh-huh,Scull,I will not regret it with the small wind.。”
When Qin Su Ya said this, although there is tears in the eyes,But the look is particularly firm。
Qin Su Ya’s appearance,Let a few people present are a glimpse。
In the eyes of Li Hui Feng,Qin Su Ya has always been a gentle girl.,And no matter the temper or character, it is very friendly.,shy。
Qin Su Yaneng said such a word when his mother’s face,He feels too difficult。
Xu Ru is listening to this and is also a,Although she has long been going to compete with Qin Ya, Li Hui’s thoughts.,But when Qin Su Ya said directly,She is http://www.guangzhou86.cn still uncomfortable。
Just thinking that Li Hui, who is encountered after Qin Su, also released a lot.。
It is the idea of Li Cuihua.,But there is no intention to marry Li Hui from beginning to end.,So now I feel that there is no big deal.。
“All right,All right,Your heart is known,Breeze also knows,Hurry to wash your face,You look at this beautiful person crying.。”
Heard this,Qin Su Ya is also sorry to go to the place where the faucet is going.。
The high-heeled shoes that walk from the road are also feeling some careful。
Unlike Xu Ruzhen,,Powerful gas field。
“All right,Mom is here.,What do you have, I am busy.。”
Xu Ru is listened to this, and he took the lead in Li Cuihua and Qin Su Ya played with Wang Jing’s heavens and bowed directly to go outside.。
Li Hui Feng is rushing to keep up with。
http://www.ozmilk.cn Looking at my son with three women disappearing back,Wang Jing’s heart finally feels not practical。
She doesn’t know that Li speaks in the wind.。
To know that Li Hui Feng in her, the mother’s eyes is wood.,Unless。
But since being persuaded back,Slowly, it will change the same person.。
She doesn’t know if this is better or changed.,I used to worry that Li Rongnan’s appearance is difficult to find a wife.,But now the oysters of the mouth, she is afraid that Li speaks from the wind to hurt the heart.。
In the village,Xu Ruzhen invited three people on their own car.,Then rushed to the county。
Xu Ruzhen is thinking about Qin Su Ya and Li Hui Feng.,Some people are not awkward。
Originally, she thought that Li Hui’s possibility will be large.。
But Wang Jing did directly admitted that Qin Su Ya and Li http://www.art0393.cn Hui,This situation makes her a time, I don’t know how it is good.。