Branch:“……As a brother。”

Advisor,“Your brothers are really very good.。”
Yan Zhi is rigorous:“actually,Objective,They are also your brothers。”
Advisor『color』Asked:“That hole?She can order your same teacher.。”
Yan Zhi nodded,“Fortunate sister。”
When consultant『dew』A pair“Sure enough”Expression,Snort,Also know what emotions are expressed。
The few questions asked in front can still understand,Why do I also ask for a word??
Could not……Adviser likes Kong Xinyue?
The three men are ignorant in the original,Even the peach blossom,Also insisted on the end,No reason。
People quickly came to the front of the sea。
The guardian disciple is in the wheel value,At a glance, I recognized the consultant。
http://www.zbqqgjk.cn Branch stops:“I will go first.,take a good rest。”
Advisor,Something is somewhat:“You live in Haizong,Do you have to live??”
枝 得 他 他,road:
“The station is naturally living.。”
Advisor’s mouth,Turn around。
竹 一 溜 地 地 地,Samuan visited the same,Both the storage bag is full of interest in gadgets,Hold a small pile in your hands。
She didn’t encounter a disciple team or a warmth.,Visiting enough, I walked towards the station.,Easy。
Not yet,I will see it.。
Yan Zhi positively hit the disciples of Huazong,Leading temperament,Her sentence“Brother”Not yet shouting。
Wen Dynasty first discovered her first.,God『color』Dignified authentic:“Yan Shi,There is a fire.,We have to stay in the Haizong.。”
NS53chapter Chapter 53, fake wine
There is a pain and hurt the street quickly.、I am very http://www.sdminker.cn happy to go home but I find that my home is burned more even.?
Some embarrassments in the station, Detailed investigations and did not find any artificial traces,Really accident。
Fortunately, the disciples of Huhuazong did not come to recognize the recognition.,There are storage bags on each body, People and property have no loss;The fire of the station is not too big., No wave, go out, Just three rooms can no longer live,The chairman of the accompanying people immediately proposal to let them go to the block.。
Wenye has a lift:“Fortunately, there is no big disaster。Otherwise, there is a charm of demon.,After there is a stop in the station,It’s really no face.。”
Branch comforted him:“Not a coincidence,I can’t blame you.,Disciples are all safe and safe,Wen Master and is wide。”