But who knows,He probably can’t hear it.

Pick up two rolls of scrolls,Night 哉 将 冻 冻 冻 体 冻,And seal up。
He doesn’t intend to put the body of the three generations of water,Give it to the village,Because the tomb madness in the nigned world is too much.。
Chapter 123 Mysterious bald strong
Inn,If you die,No body of others,There is no way to prove that you are a character before.。
Three generations of water“Fourth Fortune Wars”,In fact, there is also summoned。
But probably because of strength,So did not“Three generation Lei Ying”generally,Summon on the battlefield。
But finally“Six cactus”Chakra,Summon from the bliss world to the world。
Sound state,With other16Difficulty movie,Show together“Psychic”,Wood seventh class、Nine tail beasts、Unexpectedly in the downstream of the dead from the spatial space back to the Ninja World。
Handle“Three generations of water”After the body,The night is brought by being dizzy.“Tacklers seven people”,I have rushed back to the village。
Approaching“Foggy village”When the location of the door,Night 哉 directly put the unlucky egg on the back,Throw it to the door of the village,Then I copied my little road to secretly returning home.。
“Night,Where did you go??What is the injury on your body??”
Because of the relationship between fighting with big snake pills,Therefore, the night is inevitably hanging.,Clothes have also become a bit broken。
So immediately causing the water not to pay attention to the night,I thought that I went to find someone to fight again.。
“Three generations of water,This is what he stayed.,How to do,Sister, you will decide.。”
Night, some heavy, take out two rolls of scrolls,Put it on the table。
But the water is quiet night,It seems that it has not reacted from the night of the night.。
After a few seconds,I didn’t dare to say it.:“Water shadow is dead?This is impossible.,He is clearly so strong!”
Two years since the two years,And the water and shadows also teach them so much.,Water is not sad, not sad, it is impossible.。
But she can’t accept it,Why is the parent,After that,,Every one goes with her.
Be different from night.,Soul and ideas with mature people。Water is not a half-child,And she is still a girl,So the death of the three generations,A little big for her。
“How is the water shadow??Night, how do you know??”
After a while,Water is quiet, quiet, looking at night。
“This invasion of vortex countries,Originally has been about to end,But the wooden leaves are suddenly involved.,Three generations of water shadows were blocked。
Kill him is a big snake pill for the three tolerance of the leaves.,I can’t save him.,He is dead in front of me.。”
Night is a little desirable,I didn’t expect that he has rushed to the battlefield.,But I didn’t change anything.。
The water is quiet after the night, it is also silent.,She also understands now,Where is your younger brother?。
Open the reel of the three generations of water,Above is appointed“Tacklers seven people”One of the appointments,Water is not a month of the night, and there is no tears.。
As if the three generations of water shadows,What to say to them before leaving,Also visited。
“This appoints I intend to accept,After all, it is the hand of the teacher.。”
“Then I am also”
After thinking about it,Water is not the night of the night, finally said。But when the night said,He also wants to accept the appointment,But it was interrupted by the quiet opening of the water.。
“Night,I can accept the appointment by me.,Don’t follow your child。”
Obvious,Even if it is the heritage of the three generations,The water is not intended to let your brother accept it.。