People in the Heroes Association,After listening to the night,Also, I have seen him.,It seems to determine the true and false。

Xicchi cadres even called the staff,Let it look at the map,Does there have a geek reaction?。
But the staff will run back soon.,Indicates that there is a monster’s reaction on the map,But also“Hero association”s position。
But the strength of energy reactions is somewhat strange,Monster’s energy reaction,Just only“Ghost”Degree,Obviously it is not the prophecy of Xishibawa mother-in-law“God-level disaster”。
“You monitor,It should be this guy,He hid outside for a long time.。”
Night, the figure, sitting, suddenly stood up,One arc moon,Directly penetrating heavy metal walls around the hero association,A number of meters wide mouth。
Just a knife,Night scorpion,Think of heavy metal walls,Concrete included outside,Let the atoms samurai to be admired,Very nice sword。
And when people present,Also don’t understand what the night is playing?,The figure of the night is disappeared again.。
When he appeared again,People have come to over。One feet are covered with armed high domineering,It’s like poured black iron,One foot kicks a foggy in front of it。
The fog is kicked in the moment,It is like entities,Speed with meteor,Flying over the hero association。
Huge impact,Take huge sandstuff,After the dragon roll is used to make the power to blow the smoke,The people saw a red sky dog.,The whole person is inlaid in the metal wall。
At this time“Sky king”,Obviously it has lost combat ability,Although there is no fart yet,But from the hands of his hands.,Obviously it has been disabled.。
Night now is now,I have to be strong than too much before it.,picture“Sky king”This“Ghost”Strength of the strength,He has even be able to kill。
After all of this,Night is in a surprised eye,Looking at Xicchi Cadre:“The geeks you detected,It should be this guy.。”
“But you won’t think,This guy is an alien that can cause god-level disasters.?”
Have just different,People present now,I can’t ignore the opinions of the night.。
If they just have night,As a common“aLevel hero”,So now they obviously think that night is notsclass,Just because he doesn’t want it.。
Just a knife,Foot,It’s easy to solve it.“Ghost”,Such strength,even ifsLevel hero,Can,There are not a few。
Do not,more specifically,Night resolution“Sky king”Just use a foot,That knife is used to break the wall。
“Tyrannical cold wind,Why do you think,Prophecy god-level disaster,Will arrive today?”
Xiqi cadres an anxiety,If you really say,So, things are really big.。
Because of their hero association,Fundamentally have never been able to deal with disasters。
“Forehead,Troubled me, I am fine.,Do you ask me how to know that aliens will come today??
I can only say that because of the special practice of cultivating martial arts.,I can induce the breath of the power.。And if I don’t feel wrong,The other party has been approached.,And land in this city!”
“Why didn’t your radar don’t respond??That is simpler.,It’s hard to be you think,Your own technology can be more than alien?”
The words of the night are very clear.,People’s aliens actually travel to the universe,Technology is not what they can ratio,Radar does not respond normal。
At this time,The night is also received.,Two tasks published in the system。
“Task one:As a hero,How can you see death for innocent residents?。
When the Barros vessel landed,At least 50% of the life of 50%。
award:Limited extraction twice,Hero points 300。”
“Two tasks:As a hero of justice,How can I make my hometown?。
Beat strong enemies from alien,Reward by defeating the number and intensity of the enemy。
Two system tasks,The appearance in the mind of the night。