She has already contacted it.。

She knows the “Ou Jing”,If the plane is quickly found by him。
She chooses to take a boat,And don’t show the kind of identity card,This is a ship she knows.,Can take her direct destination。
Wait until Ou Jing, after coming out of the bathroom,Deluxe domineering rooms are empty,Looking at the messy bed,He got the past ,Also faintly exuded with her breath。
He is irritated to take a bath towel,Quick change clothes,Go to the garage driving,Go straight to the company。
All the way to the company。
But did not see Ning Feifei,Only when the rule is sitting in front of the computer。
Wei Jinzheng see Ou Jing,“European secretary,You came。”
Ou Jing nodded:“Ninggui?”
Yinjin smiled:“Still not here。”
This is a serious look at Oujing.,I found that his face is very unhappy.。
It seems to be more gloomy than usual,Be more frightened,I didn’t talk, it was a cold and ice-free person.,Do not breathe,Now he feels all the body is a slag,Who dares to be close to him?。
Ou Jingxi quickly entered the office。
Sitting on the office chair,The mind has emerged in Ning Feifei’s face.。
“what”Ou Jing, anger, smashing。
Thinking of her body trembling,I am afraid that he is afraid to die.,Still strongly。
NS1256chapter:Don’t bother me to make a daughter-in-law.
Ou Jing, anger, a boxing。
The right journey outside is shocked.,This is not going to work.,Come it, but I am crazy.,Fortunately, he is strong enough.,otherwise,Such a office is really can’t wait。
Where is the place where people have,It’s just a human hell。
Wei Jincheng is helpless,These two days he busy to buy Chen Jia’s things,Really, you have to die.。
That annoying Chen Jing,I gave him one day.100Make phone call,Harmed him on the phone three times,I woke him twice last night.。
Wei Jin is thinking like this,The phone put on the side sounds again.。
At first glance, Chen Jing is thinking.,He has a impulse who wants to kill each other.。
He is going on here.,Does she think there is hope??
Wei Jin Cheng does not carefully pick up the phone,“Hey!Miss Chen,I beg you,Please don’t call again.,I am really busy very busy.。”
The Chen Jing, there is no way to hear this sentence.,I haven’t had a sound in an instant.,I don’t know what to say between time.。
Take a while,She still asked:“Assistant,Do you know where Lu’s wife is??”
Right Jack is helpless,Obviously knowing that it is not good to hit it,Hard to hit the head to break the blood, I know repentance。
Whose melons can eat,Is Lu Hao Cheng’s melon can’t eat,That is really a iron blood wrist,Say acquisition,People have money。
People only cover the sky,I want to come, how can I come?。
Don’t own a few piazzles,I feel that I can be the palace girl.。
“Miss Chen,The lady is traveling by you.,Lu Gong chased a day overnight,I don’t know if I have no lady.,If the lady is not forgived president,Your Chen Jia will be more miserable.。”