Gradually,Unconsciously, the meaning of Tao began to diffuse gradually。

At the moment of full enlightenment,Li Ming sees chaos prohibition,Faintly feel a‘Transform’Operating rules。
Among the five elements,Fire soil,Aquatic Wood。
Li Ming directly uses mana,Forming chaos around the sixth change,Surrounded by fire and water。
Gradually,Flame goes out,The earth appears to be sintered。
At the moment when the earth completely condenses,Li Mingzhihai shocked slightly,Comprehend the earth and go to heaven。
Crashing,Flowing water gently penetrates into the earth and the earth,Gradually a touch of green appeared on the ground。
initial,Just some moss and weeds,Gradually,The lush plants spring up like bamboo shoots after the rain。
Li Ming’s achievements in the Wood Xing Tian Dao are getting closer and closer to the complete Tian Dao。
Five Elements Heaven,If you have a complete grasp,At the last step, it will be disturbed by the other four heavenly paths。
but,If the achievement in Chaos is high enough,But it’s enough to overcome this interference。
Not stingy,Li Ming took the second one【Bing Shen Wu Xin Dan】。
The pill enters the abdomen,The meaning of coldness reappears。
Constantly emerging inspiration。
And Li Ming also knew what he should do。
Running《Jiu Yuan Mie》,The Nine Yuan Talisman’s Rules for the Way to Heaven,Started to wave and spin like a graffiti。