“makes sense,Can consider。”Lin Feng heard the words and smiled:“correct,What do you see this??”Lin Feng will take a hand to the shadow between Tan Feng.,Shadow, everyone,Have a wide range of people,Should know this kind of medicinal medicine。

“Nine turn demon!”
“Nine turn demon?”Lin Feng heard the slice:“never heard of that。”
“Tan medicine hitting the sky,Similar to the nineteen big Dan,Jiuxing,Nine turn Dragon Dan。”Shadow explanation:“A few?”
Lin Feng wrote a smile:“You need to send you a,how?”
“thanks,I do not need。”Shadow faint road:“All right,I have to concentrate on the plane.,correct,Ying Yao has already come back from Tang family.,They don’t let you go to Tang family.,Go back to Central China,You jump directly over the Lake Moon Lake,I need to perform a task。”
“Is it dangerous?This is the Buddha Genlian。”Lin Feng talks between the Buddha Golden Line to the Shadow Road:“very horrible,Annonus’s old guy used a Buddha angry to block me.,Plus the Sennake Tibetan escape。”
“thanks。”Shadow heard a little bit,I immediately took this piece of Buddha Golden lotus。
“correct,If you perform a task, if it is dangerous?,Can take this sky gun。”Lin Feng smiled and sat on the sofa。
“no need。”Shadow faint road,Immediate shadow continues to open a plane。
Lin Fengnan lying on the sofa,Then I will get nine to the goddess,This time earned,Now the entire Qinglong Chamber of Commerce needs this nine turn to God,99th National Day,Shock half-step,If the six elders can meet this realm。
The medium-sized pillar strength of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is initially formed.。
It is not used to eat it now.。
He still has a method to enhance the realm,That is the unmarkable,Shooting secret surgery,Once he is inherited into the semi-steps,His strength will rise again。
He also thought about a footprint,But the time is not equal。
I immediately closed my eyes and gave a destree to see the realm.。
After a long time,Shadow sound sounded:“You can get off the plane.。”Shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the intercom has been opened。
Lin Feng heard that this was open to alert:“be careful。”I immediately got up,His figure stepped out from the sky,Hell’s umbrella,After half a minute, Lin Feng’s figure fell on the ground.,He hoped, it is a moon tooth.。
Dang Yao, standing in the far away,Bechang and other people’s figure。
Seeing Lin Feng slowed from the sky,Tiyin Yao,Belle,The figure of the night cold and other people has gone up,Lin Feng saw Tang Yin Yao apologizes:“Ying Yao,sorry。”
“fine。”Tang Yin Yao smiled:“Successful?”
“necessary,This important time is delayed.,Don’t take a little thing, isn’t it too much?。”Lin Feng smiled and said,From the back, I took out the sky.。
“Do well,husband,Your business is cost-effective。”Bei Xueyin looked at the charming and charming of this rod:“Bai Bai exchanged a nernse,Is it clean??”
“Very clean,I didn’t dare to use the big thunder knife,All in speed,So any flaws have not left,The three elders were killed by my two knives.,Another one with Buddha Genlian and Tianshu Tibetan escape。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“He didn’t see my identity。”
“Who is calculating that you are unlucky.。”Tao Yinyao laughed at the Tianzhu gun in Lin Feng hands.,Lin Feng’s, what is the admiration of Tang Yao。
A magical power,I’m alone, I’m killing the three big waves.,I finally captured a soldier,Kill the other two people,This record is probably anhenotype of the magical power of the past, very rare.。
“husband,What is any income??”Bei Xue Yin smiled and walked up with Lin Feng’s arm。
“Nine turn demon,Six!”Lin Feng directly took out a bottle handed to Bei Xueyao:“You will later!”
“Flutter!”Bei Xueyin heard a smile:“Dead Lin Feng,Not allowed to say,anything else?”
“Do you understand Sanskrit??”Lin Feng went out a book and handed it to the Belle Road.。
“Nirvana!”Becue looked at this book shocked。
“Nirvana!”Tang Yao Yao is looking at this book,Also shocked。
NS573chapter Scripture left by Buddha
“Not a favor?”Lin Feng heard the confusion:“What is Nirvana?”
“husband,You have developed。”Bei Xueyin heard the book of this book in Lin Feng’s hand.:“This book is a scripture that Sakyamuni is personally realized.。”