This is the preface,Have a few writings in the back, their own ideas and detailed planning

Niu Niu took three four sheets of paper,A piece of care
This point is good,But thinking is not enough。
this is not OK,It will definitely encounter a lot of trouble.,At this stage, you can’t reveal strength.,Not for
unconsciously,Niu Niu sat on the table,Painted painting with special charcoal pen
Combined with uncle’s ideas,Planning a new route
“Niu Niu,May I come in?”
“Big brother?You wait!”
Niu Niu took believes to carefully,Put into the cabinet,The things you wrote are also strict with another paper.,
After completing this,Open the door。
I am still afraid that I have discovered what I did.,I have always had a lock consciousness.
“Big brother,What happened??”
“What is a person doing in the house??God’s secret!”
Su Yuqing sits in front of the desk,Staring at Niu Niu。
“I did not do anything!I will come to a moment.,It was woke up today.!”
Niu Niu,A face of innocent。
“That Niu Niu,You lock your door again.!Big brother has some things to tell you.!”
Su Yuqing did not think too much about the girl’s lock door,Like a decision,Bite your teeth,Let the Niu Shi to lock the door。
“What’s the matter?Can’t you let others hear??”
Niu Niu faintly knew that the big brother is going to tell himself.。
Explore the head to see the outside,Be careful to close the door。
“Big mother and mother are not!Grandma doesn’t know where!”
Niu Niu appeared in unintentional saying this,In fact, it is to make your big brother.。
“The big brother is to say is a secret,Niu Niu wants to help your big brother to keep secret,No one can say,Can you do it??”
See the end of Niu Niu climbed,Su Yuqing cleared the throat,First give yourself a last psychological comfort。
“Grandpa can’t you??”
“Can not!This is the secret between the big brother and Niu Niu,Can’t let the third person know!”
Su Yuqing。
“Well, I promise,No one said!Only I know this secret with my brother.!”
Niu Niu, although it is not awkward,But the attitude is very sincere。
Su Yuqing also believes that she will say it.。