“I just give you a chance.,Nor isn’t it to open the door for you?,Can you enter the Luke Group?,Still look at your strength,Lu Group does not raise idlers,Everything relies on strength。”

As long as her work can receive the Rut Group’s recognition,Opportunities can be equally competitive。
“lady,I know,Lady gave me this opportunity,I won’t live up to the hopes of the lady.。”
The girl laughs and looked at Blue Xin.。
Lan Xin nodded:“What’s your name?”
“lady,My name is Lin Xiwei。”
“it is good!Then you go back to prepare,I still have something to go out.。”
Blue Xin laughs,Walk towards your car。
Lin Xiwei looks at the back of Blue Xin,Ironing a smile of green,“It’s a good person.,People are beautiful。”
Her eyes,Suddenly ignited a hidden。
Blue Xin after getting on the bus,Give Gu Yi called the phone。
“elder brother,where?”
“Small memory,I am with my father.,Come here,Jiangshi Hotel。”
“OK,I haven’t eaten with my father for a long time.。”
Blue Xin smiled and hangs,Drive to Jiangyou Hotel。
Her car just left,There is a taxi followed by the past。
Half an hour later,Blue Xin came to the private room。
“dad,Big brother。”
She is happy。
Gu Xihong looked at the daughter,Laugh and happiness,“Small memory,Sit quickly,You haven’t eaten with your father for a long time.。”
He hasn’t seen her daughter for a long time.。
Blue Xin laughs:“dad,Sorry。
I am too busy in the past.。”
Gu Xihong has a distressed:“Silly girl,you busy,But there is a reward,You don’t know how your mother is popular in the upper circle.,Those lazy women are wearing the limited edition of your design,Every mother is said to be proud of it.,This is my daughter design,Those lazy women have a praise,Your mother is unclear in the northwest of southeast.。”
NS1470chapter:Car accident,How is Joe Yiyi?
“Oh, my mother is now not a matter of business.,Take out of Da Yan and South Bridge every day,Both people have flowed over。”
Gu Yi blame:“Who said is not??
I will return to me again every day.,Who is married again??
Whose Miss is coming back to no boyfriend,I want to go to the blind date.。”
Gu Yi smiled helpless,Tea cup on the table drank a bite。
Blue Xin looked at him,See the bitterness of his eyes,Some of the heart。
Look at the feelings of the big brother to Liuxu,That is true for love。
Now Liuxu is discharged.,She also did not contact Luxu。
Lin Ye wants to know at night,She didn’t say it,After all, she doesn’t know what is going on.?