“The little girl is more than me.,She doesn’t want to wear it.,There are also big brothers,Big brother’s character is different from me.。”Lin Yu laughs。

“Old man,Different brothers give me a few pieces?。”Lin Ting smiled。
“Old man,He is now a big boss,do not worry,I robbed a lot from him.。”Lin Daoxiao laughing。
“Big boss。”Lin Feng smiled:“Small feather,This is a material,here you are。”Lin Feng handed a material to Lin Yu。
Lin Yu’s eyes:“Old man,What information?”
“Can’t let anyone see,The analysis is finished.,destroy!”Lin Feng junction:“The two old guys jumped into the black hole.,I observed something,Automatically analyze some data,look by youself。”
“Yes,Old man,Step by step first!”Lin Yu is excited,He took the phone directly to the sky and disappeared.。
“Second brother is a research madman。”Tinger’s arm of Lin Feng。
“A person has a person,Let it go,go home。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Tinger,Dao Xuan,Don’t suffer less than these years.?”
“no。”Lindao Xuan shake his head:“The talents of the old man are so good,We are almost almost。”
“no,Old man,We are very easy。”Tinger smirk:“Old man,Don’t ask you.。”
“Ha ha。”Lin Feng haha smiles,When I take my daughter and my son to the fire hall,Step, stepped out of his figure, I came to the sky in the fire.。
Then I will walk into a mountain in the temple.,The mountains are standing with Tang Dynasty and knife kings.,The two smiled and drinking,Lin Feng first let Lincao Xuan and Tinger leave,This is only to the knife king and the Tang Dynasty.。
Tang Diwu and the knife kings have smiled and greeted。
“Old ancestor,Knife king。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Hard work,I am very pleased by the progress of these children.。”
Originally prepared to give them,But now the two can go to this step.,Let Lin Feng are gratifying。
“This is their own efforts.。”The knife king smiled and looked at Lin Dao Xuan and Ting Er.:“They are desperate than anyone else,Because they are your son。”
“Hey,Give them the pressure too big.。”Lin Feng sighs。
“This is a good thing,I really didn’t expect that they actually condensed the printed print when they were in the realm.。”Tang Xiu’s refreshing laugh。
“300Ten thousand years,They have almost no rest。”Knife:“I have distressed them.,But the two guys have not stopped,This causes other people to follow hard.,300Time to play waste8Piece first-class first Tianling treasure。”
“Improvised。”Lin Feng suddenly:“I just worried that their foundation is not stable enough.。”
“Is a bit unstable,But you can rest assured,The next few hundred years of time,Let them stabilize the roots,It’s enough to enter the big holy.,Daxie this realm is completely stable,It is conducive to future practice。”King also explains。
“This behavior that is wasting Lingbao is as few as possible.。”Tang Xiu Shen smiled:“Although family business,Don’t play this。”
“Also go out to swear,Can’t practice,Can not realize life,There is no help to the future realm。”Knife king also:“There are also many days before.,Even when the sanner is in the sacred,Amazing,But it is difficult to take a half-step realm among my life.,A life。”
This is not a message,Some people seem to be practiced,It is really 智 智 若,Later peer。
And some people have fierce,In the later stage,There are also many examples.。
Foundation of the root is foundation,Remote problem。
“Knife king,Old ancestor,This arrangement,I will give you all right.,My practice road is different from you.。”Lin Feng haha smiled:“correct,The Temple of Criminal Law is not the light of the two people’s gods.?”
“Extinguish?no!”Tang Xiu Shen Shake。
“no?”Lin Feng heard the tongue:“you sure?”This is not dead in the black hole.?
“If it is extinguished,I have already opened it in the temple.,Their identity is here。”Tang Xi Shen Shen Xi。
“This is a bit strange。”Lin Feng said sharply and looked at the void road.:“The black hole is in depth, it is difficult to escape.,They fall into it in the robbery。”
“I think of it.,Although the fire of the two people is not extinguished,But it is very weak,Light of the lamp of these Yuanshen is thinking extinguished,The palace is not perfect, not to go out.。”At this time, the knife king suddenly。
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