I can’t understand。

In his opinion,If you want to kill Jin Penghai in the summer,Whether it is sneaked in,Still is a big bright,Absolutely easy。
But he pockets a pocket banana in the big eating, what is going on?。
Just like his thoughts,Suddenly,A large group of people in the door of the nightclub。
These people are all expressless,Dull,Obviously the model of bodyguards。
A fat man in their central。
It is Jin Penghai。
At this moment, he is full of red face.,Walking and shaking,Hanging a bandage on your arm,A pair of obviously drinking more。
“Grass,What are you doing?!”
At this time,Suddenly came to a uncomfortable anger。
Jin Penghai lifted the drunken eyes casually,It turned out to be a guy ready to enter the nightclub.,But I don’t want to be opened by my bodyguard.。
He can’t help but laugh,How is this guy so?,Didn’t see you with so many bodyguards?……Heap!
So much thinking,He suddenly felt wrong,Slaidly grow up again。
Next second。
His double is a big triangle eye to open,Instant grievances to the extreme。
“Ah……Ah, ah.……”
It seems too excited,So forget talking,Instead, wow is called。
Zhou Bodyguards rushed,One year is nervous to the extreme。
Fatiously push the bodyguard,Pointing youth in front of the bodyguard,“Grab him!Fast!Grab him!”
Voice is just,All bodyguards are not hysteresis,Read down。
And the youth is also looking forward to。
When he saw Jin Penghai,Face does not change,Constance in the eyes,“Yes?”
Voice is just,Turn around and run!
“Don’t let him run,Give me chase,Chase!”
Fat hyster,The expression on the fat face is like the devil,In the eyes, it is a resentment to the ultimate hate.,“Small hybrid!Heaven is there, you don’t go,Hell has no door!Laozi is going to take you thousands of knives today.!”
How can he forget?,This guy continuously destroys its own good things.,His right hand is pinched into chicken claws.。
Today’s a whole day,He is all sent to find each other。
I did find the taxi in the summer and Luo Qianjin.,But let the fat man angry is,The driver only knows the Longfu Community.。
Households in the Longfu Community,Most non-rich,Can’t enter the detailed inside。
However, he has arranged people to guard in the community.,Just see summer,Track immediately,And report to him。
However, he didn’t expect,In this early morning,It will be such a coincidence that each other is。