Zhou Master has a long time.,As soon as you talk, you can’t help but put your momentum.。

“lady,Can you give me the jade in your hand??”
The county is holding a heart,Let Yuxi go out in one hand。
“Dare to ask the lady, what is the jade??”
“It is the tribute to the tribute from the Western Region that year.,Is a lot of baby。Hold in your hand,Will warm。”
“I am not good for my body.,I have been worn on my body.!”
“Later, I was born.,Lady pity him!Specially invited the craftsman one by two,The other half is in Liner!If the old man knows Lin Chung’s drop,Please tell us!”
Zhou Master took the words in the past,Gently tap the back of his lady,Give her a breath。
The tone is sincere before it。
“Stop,You go back with me.!Go back and say!”
“Grandfather,You go to the carriage!”
“No need,Farmland,These steps,Be unable to?Take care of your wife, let’s take a lady.!”
“Thank you for your understanding.!”
Grandpa in Su,Anzi is holding the carriage。
Along the way,Looking at the eyes of the people in the village,Grandpa Suis is a little missing the yard.。
Who is home?,It’s too much attention to the eye.,I can’t think that low-key is low.
Be over,How to explain the people in the village?
“Husband,We can see Lin Liner.?”
“Look at the meaning of Su Lao,It should be the drops of Len.。”
Zhou Master does not dare to make the package,First, give a vaccination for your own lady。
“Well, I know that it is good.”
“grandfather?How come you come back??”
Niu Niu is going to have a good time.,The spirit is full of calves playing home.,
“Mother is still making breakfast?!I am also preparing to send you with my grandmother.!By the way, find some fruit trees back!”
Niu Niu looked at his grandfather back very surprised,After moving the place, you will have a lot of places where you leave.。
If you count this,Grandpa is not just arrived in the place.?
“how?Grandpa is not happy?Want to be a fruit tree?Grandpa is looking for you,You stay at home.!”
“Andrew uncle!”
Even if Su Grandpa covers the Niu’s line of sight,Niu Niu, still saw the Anzi who entered the door at a glance。
“grandfather,this is?”
“Let’s take out Xiaofan’s jade!”
Let’s say the ear of Niu Niu。
Niu Niu listened,What else does not understand?。
Another look,Zhou Master helped a warm woman into the yard.。
“噔噔 噔噔”Run into your own room。Xiaofan took a meal,I am sleeping.!
Niu Niu carefully took his jade.,Seeing some signs to be awake,Hurry and shoot two times。
Look at him,Have a sleep。Niu Niu’s heart is practical。