They are not older.,It is more than 30 years old,But the brothers’ combat power reached the peak of the sky.。

Especially Herbal Leopard,I have already touched the threshold of God level,It is a powerful heir to several rights positions in the three-part forever.。
See the brother,He Tiger is naturally not watching,Follow。
He just rushed out two steps,I heard a sulking。
I saw the fist of the Hao Leopard.。
Summer five finger,A grip,Silent in the hall sounds the harsh。
Hao Leopard’s face pale pain,The body is not huddled,His hand has been packed into a chicken feet。
“Let go of him。”
He Tiger is anger,Nowadays drink,At the same time rushing。
at the same time,Also loudly loudly,“summer!You dare to hurt me three wells”
“Hurt?What is the injury?!”
Summer mouth is still outlined,But what is said,But people feel cold,“Laozi still wants to kill!”
Voice is just,Drake the hand of the Hao leopard fist,Moment,The arm is like a spirit snake,Five fingers,Steady。
A remember the hand on the throat of Hao Leopard,Moment,Heant leopard stiff,Two eyes,Brain one is randomly supported in the shoulder。
See this scene,Everyone in the field is completely,Flush extremely strong unbelievable。
That Lali is temporary,And next to Hong Tian, then refund the next step,Secret。
“Ah, I want to kill you.!”
Roar,He Tiger snorted,No matter what you hit。
His strength may be very strong。
But in the summer, it is not enough.。
When the moment of He Tiger,It is destined to this is the last last day in his life.。
He Tiger continued to smash two punches,Swisk the harsh, but the summer is disappeared.。
not good!
He Tiger is shocked,Dangerous instinct can make him sweep away from behind。
Then sweep。
Then there is a hand in his field of view。
This hand five fingers,It’s like a knife。
Hand knife is smashed in a tiger,He didn’t even hurry.,Flavor,Heavy 上,Bother,The face has still been stunned and awkward。
Benevolent,Unlike a person。
if we assume,Summary before the summer,As if the tone of joke is extortion,The people of these three foreign companies only thought that each other is an idiot.,Never put it in your eyes。
Then at this time,He will violently violently,Also let everyone feel fear。
In the field, its internal pressure is pole。