“This is very good.,My big sister has been aliasing him.。”

“correct,I also got to find his biological father.,Is the Shanghai underground group leader Li Shu,But I haven’t told him yet.,Waiting for you to have a chance you tell him。”Qi Rui knows the father of the mirror and the bright building.。
“Li Shu is his father!It’s really good!Terrace is right.!”This is obviously a comrade,This is the same as the previous inferior,Because Li Shu is the next,The previous many actions have also said。
“This is our tips,Some situation makes the Ashi Notice Terrace。”Rui Rui, I have to walk,
Listening to the outside, the waiter has already said.:“After eating, let’s go.!”
“Let the Taiwan accompany you to eat,I still have something to go first.!Look for a chance to talk about it again。”
After walking well,Sincere and hurry:“Big brother,Who is it??”
“You know,He is killing the gods。”
“Really!Is there any big action he came to Nanjing??”
“You ask a platform。”I am happy to have a glass of wine.,
The next Taiwan has been closed to sit down,I have hit his shoulder.:“When is this stinky child follows the killing?!”
“It turns out that you are all people.!I don’t tell me.。”At this time, I finally determined that two brothers were not a traitor.,
“Don’t say these useless,Tell us,How did you follow the god?。”Sincerely ask,
“It is Wang Tianfeng to give us us.,I didn’t know if he was killing God.,At that time, I was strange.,How is this person so powerful?,Actually, I can organize the Communist guerrillas and military specials.。”
“How many people are now in your team??”Asked,
“A thousand people,Boss is very powerful,He received a particularly powerful bandits in Xiangxi,The last time I took these bandits to kill the devils two cavalry brigades.,And grab more than 600 match horses。”
“What is the anti-Hankou Airport and Anqing Airport?,We have heard that this is a task that cannot be done.!”Sincere ask,Minglou squatted with wine。
“We will come to Anqing,As a result, the boss investigated a few days to find a little chance,He took us to Hankou.,We didn’t know what he had to do.,Later, I only knew that he wanted to sneak into the Hankou Airport to grab their bombers to explode Anqing Airport.,I thought this is impossible.,The result is the opportunity to come to Tanabata Festival.。”
Table is to tell the things that have happened before and again.,The last regret:“Unfortunately, I can’t play a woman, I can’t play the devil.,I didn’t participate this action.,But after attacking Chizhou, I participated.,It’s a pity that Songshan team went to Huangshan.,Chizhou City became an empty city,We just grab the devils several radio and some materials。”
“Then you come to Nanjing.?”
“Correct,This time I heard the boss means to engage in pseudo government high officials.,I still worry about you before.!”
“how is this possible,Even if we are traitors,You really shot us.!”
“Not always,I am also likely to die.,I only know why the old big is so care.,It turns out that he has long known that you are oneself.。”
NS642chapter Really have a fraud
This is the happiest meal that everyone is eaten by the three brothers.,Because two brothers are the same as they think, they are lurking in the enemy camp.,Mature Many Table of Terrace is really interested in giving two brothers.。
Minglou knows that the Terrace will be killed on the sunshine avenue.,This poisonous people will become their own comrades.,This is the happiest thing for him.。
Sincere, I am happy.,Not only for the brothers, there is no misunderstanding,More than the Terrace finally embarked on the right path。
Rui Rui is a chance to get along with your brother,He went out to find a six brother Zheng Yao first.,Give him a list of participants,Ask:“Six brother,The people on this list verified,See if there is anyone,If they are all the goals of our actions。”
Zheng Yao first looked at the list,Then the telegraph Chongqing verified that the traitor is right.,Ask:“Small nine,How do you plan to act??”
“There is no plan at present,Need to listen to the whereabouts of these people first,Then do planning。”
“Small nine,Do you want to do it in 20 days??”
“Six brother,I am coming to ask what you mean.。”
“Small nine,These traitors are best to kill after the report,In this country, know why we have to kill them.,Can also play the role of killing chicken monkeys,Let other traitors are jealous。”Zheng Yao said first,
“Ha ha,I listened to six brothers this time.。”
“What I heard,Let’s discuss together,So I don’t have to worry,We will wait for this commendation meeting,I am starting to investigate which military officer is all forces.,Even if they are lucky to leave Nanjing, we will also find ways to die.。”Zheng Yao said first,
“Still the six brothers,I wait for your news,We still try not to let them leave Nanjing.。”Ritual,
“You are really worthy of killing this title,In the future, the devil and traitor heard your name should be scared.。”Zheng Yao said first.,