At least there is a25Hurry?

Moreover,This original is a black corner,Now become white,So much,Not lost,Just!
Self-comfort,Qingdao deer places a book on the counter,While drinking milk, I have opened the milk.:“This is a famous big lindle,Eighteen,The reason why this name is called,Is because of this corner,White chess only accounts for 18th,Look great,But actually only such a point。”
“Talented eighteen mes?”The chin of Yoshida almost squatted on the board,【Rams】Also followed。
“Do not believe,You can point a little bit,Pay attention to a black chess you have later.,Many counterfeit play teachers explain this deception,Will always ignore this piece,Finally, you can get a seventeen and half.。”Qingdao said clearly,Did not say ridicule,Nothing to encourage,This chess is betting something,But nominally guided chess,It is natural that there is no problem with the words of the chess game next process.。
Ok,In fact, I want to laugh at him when I am deceived.。
“What is the value of black chess in this situation??”Yoshida continues to ask,The boss like a small restaurant is distressed, chasing this wave, how much is。
“How is the value of a thickness??But the analysis said,Even if this thick wall is not dry,Light there,There are twenty-nine points。”Qingdao deer answer。
“Twenty-nine?”Yoshida’s sunglasses have fallen down。
I can’t do this with a thick wall.,This is a very terrible thing。
This kind of thing,It is used to attack。
When a twenty-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-native, the male appears in a corner of the board,The range of radiation is enough to enclose the entire chessboard。
This,Is the terrible thing for this fraud,It is also the reason it can become a classic。
“And also pay attention,It is ahead of black chess。”Qingdao is a knife。
【Rams】The body has a thick layer of ice,Snow on the snow。
Now,After achieving such a huge harvest,Still round to the Koh。
The situation is huge,Whether it will drop the chess pieces?,It is a matter of course。
Since this,Then——
Such as pumping,Pumper the chess pieces from the chess box,Gift higherily,That kind of。
A slap in the sky,Airflow is attached to the chessboard。
Really cool,This is the feeling。
【How many foreign men have not been in the door?,Will call the sky and earth,While the momentum is strong and confident, the first hand is taken on the sky.?】
Has been ruthlessly ridiculous。
“What are you shouting?!”Qingdao can’t help it。
Ah,I thought I only shouted in my heart.,As a result, I accidentally shouted.。
Chapter 18· Opioid
Morning9Half,Guests have gradually getting more,Have some tea house。
This game of Kohuma has finally come to the end.。
Yoshida is finally endured,Start to shoot:“I admit me lost.,But he is not just a level of five days.!Miss Qingdao, you actually lie to me.!”
Yoshida is very unsatisfactory,Finger refers to Qingdao deer,Guests in the entire Goer frowning him。
Kohong grows up,It should be exhausted on the other table.1000Yuan,Own1000Yuan and go together。
I really want to launch a fusion magic card.,Turn it into one2000Face value。
The current situation is black chess from the middle belly to the corner,White chess point three three live a small corner,All chess pieces are pressed on low circuit,Circular face is probably30More backward。
The thick wall produced by the eighteenth eighteenth deception,It’s still daunting,Affected the mentality of Jiya’s first bureau。