Two games,LDLI have always thought about interviewing the topic of the palace.、Color value、There is also a three-high player。

But it always blocked it back by Wang Hai.,The reason is that the new players are still not suitable for the venue.,So after interviewing things。
LDLElse,But there is no way。
Palace Qingwen is also very understanding Wang Hai’s practice,I even thank him.。
This is also Wang Hai to protect him.,One measures made,After all, the network violence is non-hole。
And now his play is stable.,If you don’t accept the meeting, you will be cautious before you don’t need it.。
LDLThis time it seems to be prepared in advance.,The host of interviews after the game is nowLDLConfirmed the best-looking female host,Business capability is also a one-class one。
It is said thatLPLthere,Already intended to put her into the top。
To know,She is just entering the job nowLDLFor half a year,This promotion speed is not uncomfortable。
The height of the beauty hosted is at least in165Upward,High heels,The temperament is then naturally revealed.。
Handsome men and beauty stand together,The picture is naturally very harmonious.,I can’t help but I can’t help but I have nodded.。
If they now open the barrage of the live broadcast platform,I can see that there is only that full screen.,Almost a unified barrage that covers portraits。
Beauty host is called Yiyi,She is also a little surprised at this time.。
Most professional players,In an interview after accepting her,Some shy and 腼腆,I don’t even dare to look at her.。
This is related to the growth experience of most of the occupational players,Also related to her appearance temperament。
But Palace Qingwen,Extraordinary nature in front of her,Not humble,Even when I look at her, there is no tension and weakness.。
She can see it,The performance of the palace clearing is not pretending,It’s really true and natural.。
Some of the strangeness of can’t help but,According to people who have recently appeared in their ear,Have some interest。
First, according to the process, greeted the audience.,I will start this game.,Definitive to attract a lot of attention。
“this isIGYThe third game of this season,You have also won over a row.6Small field。Even after you play,IGYThere is no longer lost the game.,What do you want to say about this?。”
Yiyi’s voice is also very in line with her appearance,Clear like a stream,I am very pleasing in the ear.。
Palace Qing Wen Shen Yu,Exposed a standard smile。
“I think this time recently,Everyone is very good.。Not only the players playing,There is also our coach group,And those who don’t play。
“If there is no dialect,We can’t achieve such good results.。”
I don’t care unexpectedly.,IGYSince you dare to go to the palace to come out to interview,That’s in this area, Qingwen is definitely a teacher.。
“In the second game,Your lineup can be said to be a very good choice.,Arrived6After level,Your lineup is also quickly unbearable.。”
Just in the palace clearing, it is already in your heart.,Prepare some group war orBPDuring the problem。
It’s not easy to detect a bad laugh in the mouth.,It also flashes a hint in the eyes。
“So for you arrive6Pre-level,The other party is often targeted,What do you want to say??Will not feel that it is difficult to suffer?”
Palace Qingwen stunned,This problem is really surprised.。
The eyes swept through each other,Palace Qingwen saw a flatter of Yiyi。
Light smile and touch your nose,No silence,Palace Qingwen is almost instantly thought of the discourse。
“Will not,This is before selecting this lineup,The coach said this in advance and I said this situation.,I also have enough mental preparations.。”
“certainly,One thing still makes me feel unexpected。”
“It is like all things,Ether partyBPTactics,They are all except for our coach.,I think this is the most important reason for us to win the game.。”
The reaction is very fast。
Yiyi picks the eyebrows,Such an interview can be said to be dripping,It is simply the template to answer after the game.。