“I am not dead,Before he did not marry,I have a chance.,so,You can rest assured that you will accompany your wife.,I am accompanying him here.。”Square Qing Yun does not give up,She is here to hold the rabbit for a few days.,Isn’t it just waiting for him to drink drunk??

Anyway,I have to pass this level。
Mu Ziqi knows her hard work,I didn’t expect this difficult to get wrap。
He is reluctant to advise her:“Miss Fang,You still have a good youth,Don’t squander here is not good.?”
“Humph!Youth is brought to squandering,I am now squandering my youth, you can’t,People who love yours are all diplomatic things.,You said that my condition is impossible to reach the woman of his favorite woman.,When he woke up, I asked him.,He doesn’t like me, where is it??I change。”
Mu Ziyu held the Ou Jingzi Station at the door,Smile and ask:“If he doesn’t like it, what do you like him?,How do you want to change??”
Clear,He said in this sentence,Let her not refute。
but,She will never go this evening.。
that’s it,Mu Zizi and the party clear on the sofa in the living room,Outside the eyes of European。
Mu Ziqi always uses WeChat to give Le Yu, complaining about the hard work of the party。
Le Yu, but sang to hello,Don’t let Ning Feifei are grabbed by other women.。
Wife gave a command,He can only hold。
But he didn’t expect that the party was so persistent.,Not going overnight,He also guarded the Ou Jing, which is not glanced overnight.,I am afraid that Ou Jing is clearly eaten.。
Morning light,The air in the morning is very fresh。
European,Seeing a face of Muzi,He was shocked。
Mu Zizi smiled and looked at him.:“Aura,sleep well?”Light tone,Listening to the ears of the European。
“How do you laugh so seep?,Besides,How can you be in my house??”Ou Jing, I looked at myself.,I know that I am drunk last night.,A small wine on a shirt,He bowed out shirt。
“wait!Over there。” Mu Ziyou said that he pointed his opposite side.。
Ou Jing, dark eyes, look opposite,Seeing the party clearly looking at himself。
He solved the action of the button.。
The face is cold and cold.,Anger asked Mu Zizi:“How can this woman be in my house??”
Mu Zi’s honor feels good to be a good person。
He shrugged,It’s helpless.:“She wants to go at your home.,What can I have??I am afraid that you have been eaten by the mother tiger.,Have you overnight,My wife didn’t let me be so worried.,Why are you let me be so worried??starting today,If you want to be true, Ning Feifei returns to your arms,You will not allow drinking.。What day, if you are sleeping by the mother tiger,I estimate that you haven’t played in this life.。”
Ou Jing frowned。
“Muzi,You bastard,you are bullying me。”Square clearly throws the pillows on the sofa to him。
Mu Zihao raise hands to catch pillow。
“What are you doing。”He squatted。
Fang Qing Yunhong eyes angry to look at him:“You actually say that I am a mother tiger.。”
Mu Zizi:“I have no name to name again.,Why do you do a top right?。”
“I……”Square cleaning feels too impulsive,But I want to think,This Mu Zi said that it is her.。
Even no name,That is what she said.。
File clearing between a special grievance,Blink a blink of an eye,Tears flow out,Whispering。
Mu Zizi suddenly faced hard to look,She is not like such a weak woman.,Just now, the scenery of the scenery is waiting for it.?
European,Get up and roar:“You gave me out。”
Mu Zizheng,Rushing in Europe,“Roll,Do you think I want it here?,If you think about you,Do you think I am willing to defend you overnight??”
Mu Zi’s turn of turning。