Said that Xu Ruyi took a small bag,Stepping on the high-hearted village。

Li Hui, thinking of Jiang Hao’s question,I am still not at ease.。
“Sister,You first wait for me。”
I saw that Li Hui rose again.,Xu Ruzhen’s Wicker Can’t help but wrinkle。
“Hey-hey,Are you still in danger now??”
“Oh,You are saying that my girlfriend is?”
Said Xu Ruzhen pulled out the phone,Then handle Li Hui。
I saw Yuan Mei Ling dressed up very delicate,And laughing is particularly attractive and charming,The friend of the circle makes a woman jealous,Man getting angry。
Li Hui Feng also admire the other party’s tolerance,I have experienced such a big thing, but I can live such a cool.。
“Sister,Although she found it,But it is not equal to you are not dangerous.,I feel that you still make me stay better.。”
Danger, are you not all lifted??
Did that a few people in that night are not all sent by you next day??
I don’t want you to don’t pick up your hub.?”
Xu Ruzhen’s words made Li Anti-style not to admire the opponent’s powerful estimation capabilities.,Just witnessing your own eyes。
“Hey-hey,It is indeed a cleaner.,But there is a big fish behind it.,So didn’t pick up it together。”
Big fish?
Who is your big fish??”
Xu Ruzhen is so curious。
“It is you know。”
“It’s hard to be Jiangxi?”
In fact, Xu Ruzhen has this guess.,Just have never verified,I don’t want to have any intersection with the other party.。
“Forehead,Sister,Can you not guess?。”
“Sure enough, he.,That’s no problem.,As long as it is sure that his sister can get it。”
“Sister,According to the people I will,Jiang Hao is not as simple as the surface looks.。”
Li Hui’s looks at Xu Ruzhen does not think,I am very worried in my heart.。
After all, he has promised mentor,I will go back to school in a few days.,Although many things have not been processed,But what is the most obvious or Xu Ruzhen?。
“knew,He must have no surface as simple as the surface.,After all, there are several pharmaceutical companies.,One of them should be launched abroad,These news sisters have long known。”
“You hurry back.,Xiaoyu is really nice.,Sister, if a man will definitely not let her,Unfortunately, my sister is a woman.,And the little Nizi let his sister distressed,Therefore, my sister will endure my love.,Let you take a cheap。”
Finish,Xu Ruzhen took the car again.,Then slowly move towards the village.。