Li Hui said with the wind.,Pick up a chopstick while picking up,Chopsticks fly out from Li Hui,Directly stamped。

Tragic,Other people in the room of fiercely scares are shameful。
The 285th chapter is going back
A wooden chopsticks poked each other’s palm。
this moment,The inner heart is completely chilling。
Immediately no longer endure the pain of the body,Directly。
“Say,How much do you have before?,So you cooperate today.,I even want to handle the way,I don’t believe you are the first time.。”
Qin Xue saw Li Hui’s shot,The heart is also can’t bear it.,But see Li Hui’s calm interview,Her heart is a lot of calm。
She never thought that Li Hui wind will be so fruit.,Will there be so no reason,But the question, but she always makes her feel advantageous.,There is even a feeling that gives the other party.。
However, she really wants to understand what the other party is worth a profitable place.,As for digging pits,She also fails to have a pit。
There is also the man who feels like Qin Xue.。
He also doesn’t understand Li with the wind asking these.,But my heart is still vigilant.。
Hold the pain of the palm,Then put it on a plaque,Just that the appearance makes Li Hui Feng really darently。
“Hey-hey,brother,We just scare you.,How can it be murdered?,Killing, but。”
“hehe,Did I ask you to kill people??
You actually kill people?
It seems that I really know you.,You are ready to do me tonight and my girlfriend?”
Li Hui Feng speaks,Hold together and pick up a chopstick,Just this time he gently uses a knife with a knife to cut the chopsticks.。
Seeing Li Huifeng this scene,Several people present, they can’t help but expose their fear.。
The previous youth is also secretly touched the phone to prepare alarm.。
Just when he has just touched the phone.,A chopstick poked his palm。
The pain of drill heart makes him feel painful.。
“hehe,I want to report to you don’t let,It is difficult now you have to report the police.?
Alarm,Let me talk about yours.,Otherwise, don’t want to be good in the next half of your life.,After all, your girlfriend is really changing.,The most important thing is that you tell me.,I will not say anything.,Just master your handle,After one, you retaliate me.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,That man is also a breather。
If Li Hui is not a picture,But it is still one more and then three questions asking them.,He always feels unrestrained。
“brother,We really have to do this.,Let’s a few of them are scared.,The way to scare people is used for a long time.,Nature is also tacit。”
The words of the strong man just finished,Li Hui’s rookie in the hand is directly to the opponent’s ankle。
Peng cherry knife did not enter the wooden floor in the ankle of a strong man,But that, but the Chinese character is scared.。
“to be honest,Do not tell the truth,The next knife is not so simple.。”