I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Guanyun is no longer more。

Make more,Instead, it will cause the dislike of others.。
Just constantly communicating in three people,Zhao Xiaoli is also how much is it directly?,Come to help the piglet。
Zhao Pengyu followed by Zhao Xiaoli,Looking at the rhythm movement from the back,Let him want to enter。
He feels as long as there is a chance,Yes you think is sure you can succeed。
Just now, he also wants to converge.。
Li Hui’s strong,Let him don’t want to go hard with the opponent hard。
Soon, people throughout Zhaojia Village help,Piglets were sent into the pigsty of pig farms.。
Feed on the car is also put in the warehouse,There are still many other devices that are all available.。
Among them,Those equipment to take a shower is more useful for Li Hui Feng.。
Everything is busy,Li Hui Feng directly let Zhao Xiaoli choose 50 people to help,Who can learn to raise a black pig’s knowledge can be registered,Taking advantage of this Chinese professor before leaving,Li Hui also wants to let each other to teach a little experience.。
In the evening,Li Hui Feng directly invited Guan Yun to go to the town of the newly opened hotel.,I heard that it is open after the year.,Not long after opening,But business is very hot。
Just entering the door,Hear this familiar voice,Li Hui Feng saw that the person in the cashier is stunned.。
Why didn’t he think that it will encounter each other again?。
The other party saw that Li Hui Feng is also a glimpse.,Although she knows that Li Hui is,But I didn’t expect it to be so fast.。
Chapter VIII, Chapter, Old Color Batch
“Sweet sister,You are this?”
See the first eye of Liu Xu,Li Hui Feng couldn’t help but think of the madness of the other party.,That night,He never dares to face each other.。
Although it is a willows,But he still feels your own fault.,After all, he can refuse,But at the time, he rejected the self-respect of the other party.。
I have encountered it again now.,For a time, he is also a bit awkward.。
“Gill this store is me,how?
I thought I was here when the waiter was.?”
“No,Sweet Sister This temperament is not a time when the waiter is.。”
Looking at Li Hui, the eyes of some dodges,Willow sweet is no longer difficult for him。
“okay,Hurry and take your friends.,Want to eat what to tell me,I will let you make ahead.。”
Li Hui said this,It is also a laugh:“Need not,Need not,It is good according to the rules.,By the way, take good wine out,We are ready to be drunk tonight.。”
“Giggle,I will drink too much for a while.,I have to drink a cup with you.,I haven’t been good, thank you.,You ran so that day.。”
Willow sweetness,Li speaks from the wind, you can’t wait to find a drop.。
Guan Yun and that professor saw this scene,What is it?。
When three people enter a single room,Guan Yun asked directly:“Hey-hey,Li’s brother is amazing.,Such an exception has an leg with you,But the other party should be married.?”
Guan Yun’s experience,I can see the state of life of the willows at a glance.。
“Guan Da Ge,You are a misunderstanding.,I am with the sweet sister, but it is innocent.,And people are getting married。”
“Hahaha, I didn’t say anything.,You are nervous,Get married?