Li Ru Ji also listened very seriously after he heard the medical history.。

Li Ru Ji is a high-income,I have taken the deputy chief physician qualification.,It’s just that the original unit has not yet been hired.,So still attending,In fact, the level has already hit the leading level。
In the case of several consultations in the ward,Zhou Ye has a five-body investment that Li Ru Ji has been admire.。
So at this moment,Li Ru Ji to consult,Zhou Yewu stands like a school child.,Not dare to speak,Listen carefully to Li Royi and Xu Tianfu’s exchange,Listening to this high-income investigation。
In fact,Li Ru Ji is Li Ru Ji,What he thinks is really more far more,More professional。
“Really is a ceremonial master。”Zhou Ye is silent in my heart。
Because in Li Ru Jihe Xu Tianfu Communication,For the chest tightness of Xu Tianfu、Chest pain and blood pressure soaring,Plum, please consider high blood pressure、Acute myocardial infarction,Also take into account the patient does not have aortic dissection!
A aortic dissection,Zhou Ye always scared a blank。
He didn’t expect such a deadly disease.。
I want to know that Xu Tianfu is so high blood pressure.,There is a chest tightness,This is not easy to exclude。
Zhou Ye did not expect the aortic dissection,It is because his clinical experience is too shallow.,And patients have no obvious chest pain,So he didn’t think about this for a while.。
Can Li Youn,He is a senior doctor after all.,And it is a cardiovascular expert,So almost the first time I thought of the problem of aortic dissection。
Because the medicine doctor usually only looks at the medical disease,So the aortic clamp is required to consider!
Zhou Ye, my heart is thousands of thoughts,If it is really aortic dissection,He really wants to be shocked.。
The aortic cleaning is a very high disease with a cardiovascular risk factor.,Blood in the aortic cavity into the aorta in the aortic intramia,Separate medium,Then extend the true and false two-cavity separation state of the aortic wall in the aorta long shaft direction.,It is then easily caused by the patient to die in the acute period.、Arrhythmia, etc.!
Think of Xu Tianfu’s chest pain、Difficulties of breathing and high blood pressure,After Wang Ye, I fired it directly.……
Pain in the clinical manifestation of the aortic dissection,Especially the pain in the chest,AThe aortic dissection is obvious in the front chest and scapular area.,andBType aortic dissection on the back、Abdominal pain is obvious。
But the pain in the aortic dissection is difficult to endure,Tree cut or tear sample,This is not very compliant with Xu Tianfu’s situation.。
“Is it not typical??”Zhou Ye wooked to see Xu Tianfu。
Then high blood pressure,Most patients with most patients with aortic dissection have hypertension。
Think of these,Zhou Ye took a stethoscope again to hear Xu Tianfu once again.。
Li Ru Ji’s eyes are also revealing the look。
Since suspect the aortic clamp,The auscultation is definitely still,Patients with aortic dissection,Crimping hematoma often tired and the aortic valve is caused by incomplete,Then there may be a diastolic hair dryer,Even possible with heartbacter。
So auscultation is still necessary。
“Noise。”Zhou Yeyu is completed。
Li Ru Ji knows what Zhou Ye is thinking about:“There are many aortic dissection of the clinical symptoms.,The auscation may not be able to listen to it.,This is still a chest.CTBar。”
Zhou Ye is sitting in front of the computer,I quickly opened a doctor。
After the doctor’s advice,He prints the chestCTThe single child is hand in Xu Tianfu’s hand.。
“How to do check?”Xu Tianfu looks at the list of hands,Some wonderful。
He just came back from the emergency department.,As a result, I didn’t think of it.。
Zhou Ye is also a little embarrassing of the illusion of the elderly,Li Ru Ji also helps explain,This allows Xu Tianfu to accept it.CT。