Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake

Chapter 785 Best mirror
Shi Shiji feels the silent threat of Chen You,Understand that he will bring yourself,Suddenly、Head sweat……
One lost, thousands of people、One lost, thousands of people!
Shi Shiji,I have to stand out.……
Chu Dee,I have to satirize on the spot.:“White length,I first……”
At the beginning, Aizhu fell into Shi Shi.,But I only got a fake message from Kang Min.,After that, in the small mirror lake,When Qiao Feng and Chu Dee,I have been mentioned by Chu Deirers.,I know that Best Mirror is likely to be with Kang Min.!
However, this time Joe is broken.:“Second brother!All right……”First stop the Chu Deirers,Then look at the white world:“White brother……Do not,White length!When Joe became a helper,Give you more,However, we have passed the wine.,You don’t need to be in your hands.,if only……Get a blessing brother is!”
Qiaofeng is very disdainful to Shi Shiji——Best mirror towards yourself,This Qiao Feng is known.,If it is something,Even if he misunderstood Qiao Feng,Qiao Feng will not go to your heart,But……
If the two brothers have not false,He is very likely to die the true murdere of Masawa.、At least also,And Kang Min has an legs,Always not wrong。
This makes Qiao Feng can’t forgive him.!
I heard Qiao Feng so saying.,Shi Shi mirror is more difficult。
at the same time,Dali’s guards suddenly alert,Focus on disadvantages to hold the intentions。
Mr. 枋 枋 状,I am busy:“Duan Wangye!Dali is a good friend in our big Song,This matter has nothing to do with you,Azhu County is also tuned by the Qing Dog,Although it is a royal marriage,But Dali and Full of the country have no coming.……”
“joke!My daughter is married is the big hero Qiaofeng.,Not related to full,But this is the same as the Zhengli.,Will call you these despicable little people to succeed?”Duan Zhengyi side is gangwei,One side:“Today is Dali Duan Duan Zheng,With Qiao Feng,Unrelated to Dali Royal,Due to damage,Dali State must not retaliate……”
This is normal to play normally,At this time, A Zhu has already died.,But Duan Zhengqi also read Qiao Feng to save the love.,Standing in Qiaofeng——Just compare with three brothers,Duan Zhengqi has played,Murong“lesson”。
Mr. Yu is like this“Kitter”,Martial arts in the martial arts,Suddenly“Qing Dog, I am laughing, I am amazing.”Box,Especially in order to kill the turtle conference,I am also ready to shoot.。
The relationship between Qiaofeng and his own alliance,Everyone also guards,Ready to kill a game。
“Helper!I don’t accept you before,But our brothers are now!”
“good,Helper、Chen Long,Order!Dali segment to intervene,What is we fear??”
“The gas is all……The head has fallen a bowl of scars,Kill the dog,Revenge for the owner of the horse!”
Seeing the first state of the disciple,Chu Deirers also secretly,If it is true to the point to do,If you have a thief, you can’t。
Murongjiu still doesn’t know“Mr. Yu”identity of,At this time and Shangguan Haibang,Do you want to make a wall?。
Thirty thousand of Shen Laison,At this time, it is recommended that Shangguan Haitang will further,Shore、Be a hand,They make the wall,Can you clear the system??
However, at this time,I only listen to the white world.:“enough!”Breaking the sound。
Gangster disciple,Look at this law enforcement elderly who once awesome,I saw that he is now like epilepsy.,Whole body shakes like screen,Full of sweat,Cohesion when pupil、Sometimes,Eyelids……
Chen Youmei is not good,Although I don’t believe what I believe,Shi Shi will really expose it short,But unfair,Still:“White long and Qiao Feng,Suffering from it,If it is unwilling……”
“shut up!damn you‘Beige’Chen Youmei!Who killed in Ma Dayuan?,do not you know?”Shi Shi mirror、Shouting sound,Magnifornious in the image with a majestic image。
Don’t say it is a gang of my disciples.,Song Xi Wu Chen 4 people are also a glimpse——Most of the former default Qiao Feng is the murderer,the latter……They don’t know,Who is the murderer?!
Why do you now look at Shi Shi?……
he knows?Chen You also know?
“Chen Long、White length,Who killed the horse brother?,You said it.!”Wu Changfeng immediately said。
“White length is always confused.?Still rest……”The whole crown is clear,Want to support Baishi,But but was shaken by him.。
“Do not touch me!Hahaha……Who killed the horse brother??Who killed Ma Da??Hoot……I will tell you.!”