When I returned to the orchard,Already the most poisonous time at noon。

The people in Taoyu Village are here for three or two two and two together to eat their own dry food.。
Qin Su Yadai is on the orchard patrolling in the orchard.,Since I know that Li Hui’s apple is really a thousand.,She is resolutely not allowed to have anything to eat.,Once found, never hire。
And the villagers of Taohua Village are also very simple.,After all, in their impression,An apple is up to one dollar,But a day’s money is a hundred,Which one is cost-effective, they are still clever。
When she came out from the orchard,It is also seen that Li Hui Rong and Xu Ru are going back to the bamboo basket.。
Xu Ruzhen saw Qin Su Ya,I am full of smiles.。
“Xiaoya Sister,My sister is this time, I will bring you back.。”
“Sister,What good thing??”
Qin Su is a circle of Xu Ru,Looking at the empty space in the basket,It is also a very curious that Xu Ru will bring anything.。
“Baffle,This is a toner,Drinking can make women a few times,You taste。”
Looking at the bamboo tube of Xu Ru,And the clear spring water inside,Qin Su Ya didn’t know what to say。
After all, there are many bamboo in the mountains.,And the spring water in the mountains,Both streams belong to it, you can drink it.。
“Sister,This will not be a small breeze to tell you.?”
Qin Su Ya thought that Xu Ruzhen was fooled by Li Hui。
“Yup,However, the small wind can be ignorant,You try it.,This is invaluable baby。”
Looking at Xu Ruzhen’s hot eyes,Qin Su Ya didn’t know what to say,But she is born and sweet, she can’t bear to see the other party’s kindness is refused by himself.,When connecting a bamboo tube,Drank。
With Xianquan’s belly,Qin Su Ya could not help but。
Chapter 2110 Xu Tianci
Toxic sunshine,Hot air,As Xianquan’s belly is immediately scattered。
That feeling, I have a drink of Ice Springs.,But that kind of cool is cool through the whole body,Not just in the stomach。
soon,That kind of soul is likely to float,Qin Su Ya is also experienced,As if I drink this spring, it is necessary to be a fairy.。
Looking at Qin Su Ya’s some intoxicated appearance,Xu Ruzhen asked immediately:“How about it?
Xiaoya sister is not a feeling of flying.?”
“Um,I feel that I am the same as the fairy.。”
“So say that the small wind doesn’t lie.?”
Qin Sui listened to this,Pottery:“Noify。”
Looking at the appearance of Qin Suiya,Xu Ruzhen suddenly thought that if Qin Su Ya was together with Li Hui, it was better than the fairy.,But she is naturally not mentioned here.。
“Nothing to cheat,You drink these all the best.,My sister has already drank.,And my sister is ready to return to the county.,Here you will follow the style.,You have to perform well.。”
When I said this,Xu Ruzhen also looked very embarrassing.,Li Hui Feng is so embarrassed。
soon,Xu Ru is packed up,Then prepare to look back in the county,After all, her store is still in the county.,I have to check the account for a few days.,Have a previous lesson,She is also catching clustering in the store in the store.。
Seeing Xu Ruzhen really wants to go,Li Hui quickly chased it up.。
“Sister,Would you like me?。”
You don’t want your little ya.?
Sister, but deliberately give you two opportunities,Don’t know how to cherish。”