Li Tianchou avoided the short man’s machete,Take advantage of the trend to drag Wang Yuanling behind,Unexpectedly, a big shovel on the side was photographed。Li Tianchou roared,Push Wang Yuanling away suddenly,I rolled around and avoided the shovel。

But two more men in black came over from behind,Go straight to Wang Yuanling,When Li Tianchou stood up, he was beyond reach。
Face two wicked men,Wang Yuanling’s legs are shaking,Can’t move,At this critical juncture,The man in black rushing in front suddenly screamed,Kneel down,A piece of flying brick hit this person’s back severely。A chubby windbreaker man in the crowd rushed over like lightning,A big flying kick kicked another man in black out far away,Peng Weihua finally shot。
The other party has a powerful helper,The position of the man in black is obviously a bit messy,Li Tianchou took the opportunity to clean up the black man with a shovel。But that short guy is very cunning,Immediately got into the gangsters and began to encourage everyone to get started,“These gangsters have helpers again,Everyone should be together,Together,Kill them。”
The gangsters were finally agitated,Holding the guys in their hands, howling and rushing towards Li Tianchou, Manager Yang and others。
But the short man couldn’t call out a second time,Because I don’t know when a cold-faced man suddenly appeared next to him,Holding a wooden stick full of nails,The blood above is very scary。The short man suddenly realized how he felt so painful,Subconsciously reached out and touched his back,The slimy skin is gone,Suddenly the hair roots stand up,Almost fainted。
Zhang Wen smiled,In front of the crowd,Blood splattered in an instant,The crowd is like watching a horror movie,Several people shivered involuntarily。
Most of the gangsters around the dwarf have weak legs and feet and dare not rush,Zhang Wen’s bloody shot immediately relieved Li Tianchou’s pressure,And at this moment, the man in black who was agitating the crowd behind has also been taken down by Ryoko。
Seeing the trend is over,There are also two men in black who were about to escape but were thrown to the ground by broad beans one by one。
The bastards don’t know how many helpers Li Tianchou still has,Panic and fear finally started chaos,Someone clamoring for revenge,There are also those who are waiting for an opportunity,Seeing the situation is hard to control。Suddenly a loud clamor came from behind Manager Yang,A large group of migrant workers in hard hats rushed up with the guys,Very strong,It is Erpao and Daxiong who start。
Li Tianchou’s mouth finally showed a smile,He raised his hand and shouted at Big Bear and Erpao,“Surround them,Beat anyone who dares to do it。”
“Don’t pretend to be a big Israeli-Palestinian wolf here,Still fucking not going?”Peng Weihua was very angry with a reminder,Obviously I am very upset with Li Tianchou’s style。
“I’ll leave at once,Waiting for me in the old place。”Li Tianchou doesn’t wait for Peng Weihua to react,Went straight to Wang Yuanling。
“Drafting Master,Is this still my apprentice??How to talk to Lao Tzu with this attitude?”Peng Weihua greeted Zhang Wen and others cursingly,Disappeared from the scene in a few seconds。
“You’re done,Don’t let go of those hooligans who are surrounded。”Li Tianchou smiled and appeared beside Wang Yuanling who seemed to be dreaming。“Tell Mr. Hua for me,The master behind the scenes may be Sun Guaizi,You tell her,She can count。Now this scene,To contact someone as soon as possible,This person is our former neighbor,Otherwise no one can figure it out。Hurry up and save people,gone。”
When Wang Yuanling reacts,,Li Tianchou has disappeared。The chaotic scene has been basically controlled,Dozens of gangsters were all caught,Almost none can run away,The migrant worker brothers carry the guys arrogantly、Angrily surrounded this group of people。
Wang Yuanling suddenly remembered what Li Tianchou said when he left,She shouted,“Manager Yang brought a migrant worker brother to help save people,Others watch these rascals with me。”Then she took out her phone and dialed Hua Yun’s phone。