First0577chapter Female fairy
“You should drink less!It’s not good for the wound“Afei was interested when he saw Xia Jianlai,He deliberately laughed and said。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Nothing,Such a delicious dish,I’m really sorry if you don’t drink two glasses“This wine is here,What’s the wound,But this is a bit high-sounding。
A bottle of red wine reached the bottom soon,Unexpectedly, Affi is very conscious,She’s juggling,Brought two more bottles。The wine quickly brought the two young people closer together。
“you are so pretty,Why live in such a big villa alone,Don’t you be afraid of others knocking on the door at night??“Xia Jian uses Jiujin,Haha laughed and asked。
Affi burped a drink,Smiled slightly:“You think this is the country,Anyone can knock?Or you try tonight?“A little drunk Affi,Face is rosy,Looks very charming。
“No matter what,But you are so good,Normal men don’t dare to provoke you“Xia Jian who had a drink,Is also open-mouthed。he knows,A woman like Affi,You can’t give her gentle,Otherwise she will ride on your neck to torture you。
Affi raised his glass and drank a big lipstick,Murmured:“Is Xu Yanli good at me??Why do you say that to me?but I…“That’s it, Affi,Suddenly stopped,A very hurt look。
Xia Jianyi listen,Could not help but laughed:“Your name is Xu Yanfei?Yan Fei,Haha,Are you the concubine of the harem“Xia Jian said,I poured all the leftovers of the third bottle of red wine into my glass。
“fart,This girl is not a concubine,I am a very nonsense at the beginning,Understand, you stupid pig“Xu Yanfei said,Stretched bare feet,Kicked Xia Jian in the leg。
Time goes by,Red wine,Began to initiate the prestige。But Xia Jian was a little drunk,But he is not completely drunk。But Xu Yanfei is different,Face is getting red,More and more words。What surprised Xia Jian was,She got to the back,It turned out to be crying and laughing for a while,Extremely funny。
“I tell you friends,Although Xu Yanfei said I was not born well,But I have learned well now,I have been guarding this rotten villa for more than three years and have not gone out。do you know?I can be lonely sometimes,I can’t find even a speaker“Xu Yanfei half lying on the sofa,Said to Xia Jian drunkly。
Xia Jian couldn’t help nodding,He braced his heavy eyelids,at this time,He has to hold on,Otherwise,The latter things are really hard to deal with。
What Xu Yanfei said,He listened clearly,He still doesn’t quite understand the meaning of some words。Guilty,This sentence is really true。
Xia Jian asked with Jiujin:“What does your husband do?We drink together,He knows what to do?Xia Jian also asked about people’s private matters after drinking some wine。
“Shit husband,I’m a single girl,What do you mean by this?Isn’t it because you want to sleep with me??Come nowhere!”Xu Yanfei said,Swayed and stood up,She walked into the bedroom,Chao Xiajian kept his fingers hooked while looking back,She’s so ecstasy,Makes Xia Jian almost uncontrollable。
I started to struggle again,The final result is,He still sleeps on the sofa honestly,This woman is a little bit hot,He Xia Jian is not her opponent。
No idea,The whole person is like a deflated ball,He suddenly came down。