“It doesn’t matter,I will ask Li Tan again。”The teenager did not pay attention to the reason why the Golden Crow returned to Lieyang Palace,Also understand each other’s difficulties,For whatever reason,The Golden Crow and the Ancient God are already strangers,It went back rashly after being seriously injured,Must be dangerous。

After consulting the Golden Crow Sacred Palace for some procedures to restore the Holy Fire Temple,The boy called Yi、Credit to the two elders,Explained things in the island,And get ready to move immediately,All major issues follow Golden Crow’s arrangements,The boy got up and left,Go straight to Donghua Island。
After the collapse and destruction of Wongtee Island,Li Tan is based on Donghua Island,All the main royal families are arranged to live on Donghua Island,He will naturally be there,The so-called new imperial court also temporarily opened up a small-scale residence from Donghua Palace.。
Li Tan at this time just finished some urgent matters,Sitting in a side hall, staring at a chessboard in a daze,The chessboard is dark yellow,Straight and vertical lines cut a small space into countless squares of equal size,It is the chessboard that made the Holy Emperor and Fire Heavenly Venerate get in and never come out again。
There are not many black and white pieces left on the chessboard,But Li Tan just keeps his eyes on,Staring motionlessly,I can see what flowers are coming from it。
Since Li Tan brought the boy here last time,,He hid the chessboard,Take time every day to watch,I can’t see the famous hall every time,After being taken away by the boy,The chess game is destroyed,After Li Tan fights with Big Eyeball,The cottage collapsed,The endgame that was still in general outline is completely gone。
Li Tan has recovered most of the endgame with his amazing memory,It is strange that,The position of the two white chess pieces taken by the boy,He has never been able to accurately confirm,Resulting in a complete endgame that cannot be reproduced,and so,Li Tan comes to see every day,Daily increase and decrease of black and white,Try to replay,But after trying every day, I get very angry,Vent your temper。
Today is different,Li Tan still can’t see anything,It is obvious that the interior of the chessboard is changing,Unprepared materials seem to be squeezing each other,Make a gurgling sound,This sound is strange,People with ordinary cultivation level can’t hear,Li Tan found a guard to serve tea and water,I’m sure that only I can hear the sound。
The squeezing noise is getting louder,In Li Tan’s ears it seemed to become a sledgehammer beat,The huge shock actually made his mind unstable,Surprised,Li Tan jumped up in shock,When the eyes left the chessboard,All the sounds are gone again。
So unusual,Made Li Tan foresee that something big would happen,Maybe the Holy Emperor,And Huo Tianzun has found his way back?
Li Tanzuo thinks so,I feel more upset,Green trees sway outside the window,Lush,Everything is normal,And he has placed a strong ban around the Pian Ting,People with a cultivation base of respecting gods and below will never break into,He doesn’t guard against others,The target is only the boy and the evil villain outside the territory。
But no matter which of them,It’s impossible to break in without breaking the prohibition,With this time,Li Tan has a lot of time to hide the chessboard without a trace。
The problem is that Li Tan has a guilty conscience,He never gave the board to the boy,Never planned to hand it over,This Geishibao may be another way of escape at the most critical moment,Although there are many unforeseen dangers in entering the chessboard,But in Li Tan’s view, it is still a life。
Especially after learning that the free world has only ten days,Li Tan treats this chessboard as a life,It’s a pity that he couldn’t break the final game,Can not create a new game,So that you can escape into the chessboard。
The change of the board today made Li Tan’s heart beat wildly,This is the first time Chessboard responded to him in memory,But not clear,Confused。
At this moment,A black chess on the chessboard snapped up,A tyrannical breath swept past Li Tan’s consciousness,Like raging wind,Destroyed in his god hidden world,Fierce and vigorous。
Li Tan has no time to react,It’s harder to produce a feeling of resistance,There is a flower in front of me,A gray figure appeared in front of him。
“Li Tianzun, don’t come to nothing!”Grey shadows are as real,The voice is like gold, stone and jade。
One thousand two hundred and forty three chapters Board Fright