“Western,No more suitable than gambling gods。”Liu Sheng Dagu’s laughter is a little diaphragm,He turned around。

Other onlookers,Especially those who bets are embarrassed here.,I have turned around.,Only Lin Feng left on this table,Belle,Night Qing three people。
“Lin Feng,Your golden hand。”Night Qing Hanmei looks at Lin Feng,Her face is showing sweet smiles:“Go on a place,Just to the savings of our family a lifetime。”
“You said that you will gamble every day.,What Jewelry Company?”Bei Xueyin stared at Lin Feng Road。
“Do you think that there are people in the future to find me a gambling??This thing will come out soon.,I am afraid that I have a few people to find me.。”Lin Feng shook his head:“People don’t gamble with you,How do you circle??”
“makes sense,This is a master lonely。”Becue:“You said that the blood is very empty today to give your face.?”Speaking of this Bei Xue Yin looks at Lin Feng。
“Your silly girl。”Lin Fengnhen couldn’t help but knocked the face of Bei Xueyin.:“You don’t know what you are poisoning now.。”
“poisoned?”Becai Xueyin and night cold two people heard the color,Because the two have no signs of poisoning now。
“In the tea,This kind of tea is colorless,The same as normal tea,Even ordinary people drink without any reaction,It is like a tea who is eager to drink.,But when I encounter myself,This kind of tea is chemical,The poisonous use does not attack,But after seven hours。”
“Painful,Can defeat a person’s will!”
Lin Feng Shen face the horror of this poison。
“Nice,Blood length and Liu Shengzhi!”Bei Xue Yin Wen Yan Yan Song。
“No wonder this Liu Sheng Dasu said that you will go find him.。”Night Qing Wen Wen Yan is full of cold frost。
“Don’t worry too.,They use poisoned me,It’s really looking to someone.。”Lin Fengboxao,He stretched between the Belle and the night cold wrist.。
The two did not resist,In the next moment they only felt that the airflow flowing from the respective body,Enter Lin Feng’s body。
Lin Feng is released:“never mind,Let’s go too.。”
“Um!”Night cold and Bei Xue Yinnan nodded。
Now Lin Feng,Night cold,Becai Xueyin stood up and got to Jinlong Mountain.,Jinlong Mountain is foggy,Often people look at two or three meters.,However, this is no obstacle to Lin Feng.,He can look at dozens of meters,Even farther。
There are many small roads to Jinlong top.,Lin Feng,Belle,The night Qing Dynasty three people walked along a small road.,When walking to the middle of the mountain,Three people stop,Come to a quiet corner。
“Shedy,Cold,I always feel unsatisfactory!”Lin Feng stopped and looked at the foggy of surrounding。
“I feel so too,But I can’t think clearly.。”Shekiyin quiet:“This day’s day’s reaction is very unhappy.,Can’t see the reason。”
“Is a bit wrong。”Lin Feng is negative and looks at the fog in the distance.,Suddenly found the figure of the two priests standing there,It seems to listen to Lin Feng and Becha,His eyes are very eye,Clear clearly can be seen in the fog。
“Liu Shengzi!”Lin Feng recognized the owner of this figure,It is Liu Shengzhi。
At this time, the voice of Bei Xue Yin also sounded.:“Lin Feng,Don’t think so much。”
“Don’t want so much?”Lin Feng looked at the void:“Everything is always a bit weird,Let people call a thorn in the sore throat,I won is too easy.,His point number is too large,This means that he did not grasp the number of points of the nine dice.。”
“You mean he deliberately lost?”Night Qing Wen Wen said。
“I do not know either,Just guessing,All right,Let’s go to the top of the mountain.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Today, you must bid a lot.,I have a lot of things in this time.。”
“Um!”Night cold and Bei Xue Yin nodded,I immediately walked along the mountain road along the mountain road.。
A wood fog in the distance,Standing two movements,It is Liu Shengzi and the heirloom with the heaters.,The face of the two is gradually overcast。
“Daily day!”The blood is generous, hello, gloomy, gloomy:“No wonder I feel unsatisfactory,It turned out to be a daily day.。”
“good,It is a daily day that deliberately lost,He deliberately reveals high-tech to lead us hook,Then hook other people,All of him win。”Liu Sheng Dago face iron green:“We seem to have been put on a day.。”
“Does he have colluded with Lin Feng??”Blood lengthy face。
“Will not,Lin Feng hit the face of Shenlong,I think he should have a means to take Lin Feng.。”Liu Sheng Dago Shen Sheng。