But Zhang Zhiqiang never thought,This little、The non-wood and non-gold amulets changed his destiny,That will have to wait until four years later,On the deserted Gobi Desert,In the doomed ending,Someone actually recognized this amulet,It’s the old man who deceived everyone that Li Tianzhen said。

At this time, Li Tianzhen was being carried out by a few strong men and buried,They did not notice the snake skin bag‘Dead body’Is changing,‘Dead body’A half-curved bodhi branch appeared on his chest,Is blooming with scorching light,Although only four of the seven leaves give off brilliance,It’s enough to catch people’s eyes,But maybe the snakeskin bag is too thick,It may also be a few people just to complete the task in a hurry,No time for him,In short,Li Tianzhen was poured into the dug pit。
The light of the leaves faded,Li Tianzhen has a weak breath,Several burly men waved their shovel to fill the soil without realizing it,Work soon,I’m still afraid of ghosts for doing such a bad thing,A few guys didn’t even step on the soil,Casually sprinkled some weeds and branches as a disguise,So he hurriedly left the wilderness where birds don’t shit。
With the car away,The camouflaged soil layer began to creep,A big hand stretched out from the mud,Followed by another big hand,Li Tianzhen finally crawled out of the pit after performing a wild corpse,The whole person is very weak,In the mouth、Ear hole、Mud in the nostrils,Just a crazy gasp,I don’t know how much soil I eat in my stomach。
Fortunately those guys are lazy,Lead to soft soil,I didn’t weigh any heavy objects like rocks,Otherwise he will suffer a serious crime。
Lying in place for a long time,Li Tianzhen only gradually recovered a little energy,Recall the scene before,He has lingering fears,This adventure is too devoted,I really almost took my life in,Correspondingly, the harvest is not as expected,Zhang Zhiqiang’s suspicion is too serious,very dangerous,You need to be more careful in future contact。
Zhang Zhiqiang, this line is very important,Through him, it is possible to find out the origin of the evil force abroad,Is it related to the preacher,still is‘Tianzhenwei’Descendants of,Although these guys are all derived from the great demon Panmang,But there is still a big difference,If you can understand the intricate relationship behind them,Maybe you can know other things related to this group of monsters,For example, how powerful is their power?,Are there any other so-called colleagues,What is the purpose of the world?Just to get out of trouble?Or survival?
However, it is obviously impossible to approach Zhang Zhiqiang in the face of Li Tianzhen,Can only be changed,But the simulation ability doesn’t work,Quite unreliable,Must find a way to work around。
of course,Before,Li Tianzhi needs to go back to Fukuyama,A bunch of brothers of Yuxing have fallen into the hands of Ahao,He didn’t even see him,Although Zhang Zhiqiang was intimidated to ensure their safety,But don’t get them out,Li Tianchou is not at ease。
Ahao had a bad time these two days,The boss doesn’t seem to wait to see him,Haven’t even made a phone call,A group of brothers stationed in Fukuyama,There is no accurate spectrum for the next step,But I have no money to spend,Brothers want red envelopes、Want to eat,But also chic,Local snakes want benefits,And also raised a bunch of Yuxing car dealers for free meals,He was irritable。
if‘Xufengtang’The best players are still,Sun Guaizi, they dare not even fart,Relying on the overlord’s air, the side leakage can support the scene,But these people,Including the mad king,Dead dead,Lying Hospital Lying Hospital,But gave these local snakes a chance,Don’t take Ahao hard now。
Hao didn’t dare to call Zhang Zhiqiang,I’m afraid of reminding my boss to be tidy up,He is not a person,When the temper comes, I can only vent the people from Yuxing Motors.,Run every three to five to beat Zhu Lei and others one by one。
But it won’t work,Wei Dahai came last night,Set a fire,Half the emperorKTVBurned,The car dealer was not robbed,But Hao was so troubled,Fortunately he is fast,Transferred people to Sun Guaizi’s‘Water and sky’,Chen Bin’s loss is great,I was ruined by others,Now he had to boldly call Zhang Zhiqiang。
Zhang Zhiqiang is impatient,But didn’t get angry,Actually asked him to leave the man to Sun Kuaizi,Find a chance to withdraw,Ahao confused,It took me a long time to understand,The boss doesn’t want to play,Let him shake the pot。