He suddenly turned,Staring with knife, etc.,One word a cold drink,“Islander,Sickness,it is good,very good!”

One is like the residual shadow of electric light,With a swallow, a few flashes flashed.。
One of them high tiger,It was broken by a cold man.。
Blood splash。
The body will fall in half of the air,Fiercely land,Layer layer dust。
嗖嗖 嗖嗖。
The rest have not hesitated at all.,Available,The figure is even more hidden, it is like a ghost and fast.,Collectively attack。
“Demons and monsters,Sputum。”
Summer cold drink,Handheld snake knife,Figure,Row right side one street light pole。
The level of these people can only be reluctant to bear,Using ultra fast speed,Visual corner,Effective spoofing angle of thinking。
For ordinary people,Already considered a skill,Even secret surgery。
But in the summer eyes,Under the radiation,No one can hide itself within ten meters。
His figure continuous lightning in the night,Snake blade,A knife。
A shape of the neck dropped from the street light pole dropped back,汩汩 汩汩 血 顺 顺 指 指 指 指。
Not completed。
Kill the other party,Summer shape rotation,Far-off,半。
Knife in hand,It’s like a loving electric light.,Down to the dark。
All this fast lightning is general,The moment of snake knife,A black figure slowly moved in the corner。
He also operates a police,I have not flustered,Energy’s exposure body,Try to avoid flash。
But don’t want to return half a step back,It was swept in the front chest by a strong sinking whip leg.,At the same time, he passed the sound of the sound.。
Painting pain makes his five senses twisted,I heard this 噼噼 sound is even more,Zhang open your mouth wants to remind the companion。
But still late。
Snake knife cold light,Since the speed is too fast to explode,With a flash,This guy’s head is flying out,Bring a large blood rain,Summer is flying。
Backward,Snake knife,Like a maturity,Directly not enter a tree rod into the street。
Like a fountain,A bloodstream from the tree,A guy covered his neck。
Not waiting for him to fall,Summer,Snake knife reappears in hand。
Transstature,There have been four masters to violent。
A debris flash。
But not rushing to the summer,But it is like a spider web.,Try to confuse the summer。
“today,You have to die。”
Summer killing is ready to move,Snake knife blooms cold light,The murder of his resolute cheek。
“嗤嗤 嗤嗤。”