Lin Feng walks in the lower world,The power of strong Yuan god sweeps the ten party void,Looking for neutron stars,But neutron star is looking for a lot.。

However, these neutrons do not have a black hole.。
Either for the peak status of neutrons,Or later,Either find black hole,Not all neutron stars become black holes,Most failures,Dear in the universe,And the evolution cycle is too long.。
How can he have time to observe this thing??
The real body of the universe Lin Feng is standing in a starry sky.,Pick up a pot of wine and drink,Around the sea。
“Boy,This is not a way,Zhongzhong star became a black hole,Even if the critical point is also very long,And what is so easy to find?”Hai Jian sighed。
“good,This critical point is also very long。”Lin Feng is on the hands and distressed:“Sea emperor,what to do?I really don’t dare to take the next step.。”
“You still have time。”Haihuang looked at Lin Feng advised:“Besides400Many years of time!”
“400Many years of time?”Lin Feng asked。
“good,It has passed30Year。”Haihuangdao:“You and the first master of the dragon are the battle500Annual basis,You won’t want to defeat him through the current cultivation?A bit impossible,Unless I secretly shot,However, I was staring at each major god.,I’m afraid。”
“What you said is good,According to the previous major power, the big position,The one who finally came out,Almost close,Or can resist the god。”Lin Feng carrying the double hand looking at the void。
“So you have400Many years of time,Time is long。”Haihuangdao:“Evolution to half-hole hole,Time you need is too long.,This time, do our best to search for the gods that contain time and space or broken artifacts,Prepare for promotion。”
“I know this,Let it go,Go home。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
Chapter 1734 Extremely confused
NS1743Chapter extreme confusion
“Your nerve is tight of these years.,Be relaxed。”Haihuang looked at Lin Feng Road:“If a practice system is so easy to create,I didn’t know how many new practice systems since the birth.。”
“This is also,In ancient and modern times, it has been strong than I have qualified.,It’s like the river。”Lin Feng Jingjing。
“Ha ha,This is the truth,But your birth is very correct.,The direction is also very right。”Hai Huang haha smiled:“Honest,Go to this step,Even if you hang it, I’m very can’t afford it.。”
“I rubbed!”
Lin Feng wrote a word:“Sea emperor,Your 积 积 口 德,If I hang up,You want to return to the sky。”
Talking between Lin Feng took out a jade,He directly crushed jade,A space channel appeared in the empty,The two of the two people have disappeared in the space channel.,I don’t know how long it has been。
天 峰。
A space channel appeared from Lin Feng’s figure out from the inside。
“Old man!”
“Old man!”
A male and one couple walks in the void,Men’s abundance,Many fierce temperament,Look deep,It is Lin Feng’s son Lin Dao Xuan,Women’s slim,Many of them,It is Lin Feng’s daughter Lin Tingder。
“it is good,it is good,it is good,Dao Xuan,Tinger。”Lin Feng looked at the two,At a glance, I recognize the true situation of the two people.,It also condenses the Printing of God。
His figure gave up,Reach out,Directly put Ting and Lindao Xuan into the arms,When you suddenly suddenly,Originally in the lower world,30year?Do not,In fact, he also operates the timing rule in the first-class first Tianling treasure.。
What is going on?30year?
Naturally thoughts in my heart。
“Old man,And I。”At this time, Lin Yu walked over.。
“You mix your child,Not bad。”Lin Feng looked at Lin Yuxi:“How to wear so high?”
He found that Lin Yu couldn’t find four first-class first Tian Lingbao.,Very high,God。
“Hey-hey,I am afraid to give you a loss,So I am also a rich second generation.。”Lin Yu smiled and said。
“Your sister??”Lin Feng smiled。