In fact, she is also very worried about himself.,The blood on her arm is still not stopped.。

She all feel the speed of blood flow,At this moment, she is even more dizzy.。
Lu Haocheng is not saying?,I got up and saw a few people around.,Several men played forward,Also prepared to save people together。
Lu Haocheng looked at them,Watching with praying,“Allocate,Help,My wife is below。”
Several men nodded,Everyone started to take the bill of advertisements from different angles.。
Blue Xin’s billboard is lifted,Lu Haocheng immediately drilled down,Looking at the whole body is blood,The chest is dramatic.。
“Blue,Blue,Where is the injury??”Lu Haicheng dares to touch her,I am afraid that the injury at the weight of the wound,He is anxious,I work hard to calm down.。
“arm。”Blue Xin maintains the final awake,Tell him clearly。
Lu Haocheng looked at her gripped arm,There is also bloodless goal。
He suddenly took a breath of cold.,Quickly pose Blue Xin small steps move forward。
The people in the car also cryed to show life.。
Lu Hao is not too much,Wheel flute,They will also save。
He just turned,There is a first aid doctor and nurse pushing the car.,In front of the hospital,Hospital security guards also called a doctor in advance.。
“quick,Put up。 ” A male doctor shouts seriously。
Lu Haicheng slowly put the fast-moving blue-hearted ladder。
Blue Xin has begun to vomit,Lu Haocheng will know that it is too much blood flow.。
If the blood loss is too much, the blood pressure is too low.,Insufficient collective blood volume,Body blood circulation decline,The blood supply of various organs such as mental brain is insufficient,It will cause dizziness and disgusting,Vomiting, etc.。
“Blue,Support,Must support。”Lu Haozheng prayed full of helplessness。
Blink,He almost lost her。
The doctor looked at the nurse,“quick,Feed the operating room with the fastest speed,Prepare blood transfusion。”
“it is good!”A small nurse,Desperate to run in the hospital。
Blue Xin was urgently pushed into the rescue room。
Lu Haocheng is sitting outside and waiting for。
He put his own face,Let the painful emotions awake a few points。
He remembers this,Daughter’s brine is over.。
He started again,Quickly find the elevator,Sitting on the elevator went to the daughter’s ward。
Doctor nurses are very busy,If you don’t press a bell,Nurse didn’t know that the salt water drops.。
Lu Hao Cheng arrived,Looking at the tube has already returned,He immediately closed the switch to adjust the infusion speed.。
Then press the bell quickly。
After holding Blue Xin,His white shirt is also full of blood。
Nurse coming in,Shocked,“gentlemen,Did you hurt??”
Lu Haochong low:“I am fine.,First help my daughter to change salt water。”
The nurse is half-sullen to change the salt water.,I want to care about Lu Haozheng,Looking at his black face,And terrible breath in the ward,When she exit, I turned back to my stomach.。
The nurse pushed the mobile care truck。
“Mother……Mother,pain……”Kiki in the hospital bed sounds,Lu Hao Cheng listened,Want to reach hand to pull a daughter’s hand,I look at my own blood,He returned。
“Kiki,Dad is,Is it a hurt??”He tried to put your voice.。
Kiki listened to Dad,Weak open eyes。
It is the blood of Lu Hao Cheng.,Lan Qiqi He Heli,Cry:“dad,What’s wrong with you,How is blood? ”She cry,Wound that tears,Tears fell fierce。
Lu Haozheng low awkward:“Kiki,good,This is not the blood of Dad,Yes……”Lu Haoge wants to say,“Dad is fine?”