Now Hong Qifong obviously does not want Huang Rong to work.,Naturally, there is no teaching“Poodle”。

“But we are not so embarrassed.,The palace is mainly for the heart of Yue Yuan Shuai.,A team that can win the enemy’s victory in the sand field。”Hong Qifong is apparent to the Chu Deirers.,There is no concealment。
“Troops?That’s it?The world is so much,Everything you have learned.?”Chu Deirers obviously don’t think Yue Yuan Shuai is invincible on the sand field.,Just relying on a military book。
Read Yue Yuan Shuai’s Book,Can become Xiaowu Mu,Don’t do a learning class directly?
“What……According to legend, Yue Yuan Shuai,I have got a way to be widely applicable.,Back to the army,Array、military discipline,And fighting,There is also the reason for this practice.,《Wu Mu》This kind of practice is likely to record this practice。”Hong Qi police said this one。
Chu Deirers can’t help but frown:“Hong Gang knows‘叩 天 do’NS?”
“knowledge,Zhang Zhen is worthy of being a big master,Can be such a horse,A person explores closed the door to open the door,Unfortunately, the second person,Nothing to cause a lot of vision,I don’t know who it is.。”Hong Qifong said,I have already found a roast chicken。
“That huge gang,After the weather is completely opened,Army’s role……Will not cut?”Chu Deirers asked very conservative。
“So don’t need this universal practicing practice.?As for how big effects,That time,Whenex《Wu Mu》,It is also because of these two、《Wu Mu》Representing Yue Yuanshi,Now Wu Sangui’s dog thief is also eyeing.《Wu Mu》,No matter what the above records,Can you let Yue Yuan Shuai’s relic?,Are you saying that you are in his hand??”Hong Qi Gong is very reasonable。
He didn’t expect to have it.《Wu Mu》,Can be invincible in the world,Can not be obtained by Wu Sangui!
Otherwise, if this dog is holding《Wu Mu》,Say yourself to adhere to Yue Yuan Shuai’s remains……Think about nausea。
“Wu Sangui also knows,《Wu Mu》Is in the deep palace of this Song Ting?Why didn’t the Hong Hao gone to report this matter?,Isn’t it more direct??”Chu Deirers deliberately asked。
Hong Qi Gong heard“Hey-hey”A,A pair“Your kid knows”Look。
Instead of Guo Jing,Honestly:“Be right,Seven public……You see me, I will say that I will report the iron and I will.?Chu Da Ge is also thinking!”
“Silly!Can’t listen to it……”Hong Qifong said,Eat him a foot,After that, I said to the Chu Deirers.:“His iron god Hou can rely on,Can you row the second day??”
“Do not,The chivalry list is the first Zhuangxian in the world.,The most fair list of the authority of the rivers and lakes,It’s completely indispensable with the Renong Villa.……Don’t believe you, ask Guo Jing。”Chu Deirers said。
This time, even Gujing did not speak.。
“You are not a teacher for the teacher.?Is Guo Zhaoxia to make you coming??”Chu Deiren looked at Guo Jing asked。
“I really worship,But Master let me travel everywhere.,After that, I encountered seven public.,Seven public also taught me another set‘Dragon 18 palm’。”Guo Jing is very honest, he said。
“So, you still don’t know that Guo Juxia must have trouble recently.?”Chu Deirers,Hong Qiong watched it。
Chu Dee people also did not sell Guan Chi:“Previous Wuxi has a batch of cotton coats from Fuyang,I was burned more than 20,000 sets of fires.,Left only one zero……”
“What is the relationship with my Master??”Guo Jing doubts。
“The problem is the rest of the rest of thousands,A large number of small strips,I have written and bless Guo Juyin.。”Chu Deirers continue to say。
Hong Qifong’s face has downs,Guo Jing is even more confused:“Is the court not to praise my Master??”
“I think about it.。”Chu Deirers don’t say much?。
Hong Qifong is that the chicken legs in the hands are not fragrant.,Congratulations:“Do you know what the people do??”
“Guo Ju Xia has a nephew,Survey this matter alone at the time,One of the people in the fire,Dongpu people。”Chu Deirers also want to turn this incident as much as possible。
As for the exposure of Yang’s live,In fact, it doesn’t matter.——Jianghu and the court,After all, it is two lines.,If the Chu deer is saying this with Shangguan Haizhen,Will definitely be plavinated,Especially to grasp the suspects。
As for the words that Yang, if it is credible, it should be investigated.,But on the rivers and lake level,Chu Deirers just have to say,Have your own credit book,Will be a letter,Will n’t someone plavity?。
What if I really be unfavorable to Guo Qia?,Everyone has a scales in his heart,At that time, the rivers and lakes will definitely boil the sky.,The court will suspect that Guo Juyin,And the rivers and lakes will not……
at this time,Xiaohong’s voice came,Chu Deirers immediately rushed out of the imperial house——This is in the show……Yun Luo is dangerous?
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 539 Tianfo