A long while,Yao Chunni opened the concealed door,She leaned out and whispered:“I don’t want your stuff,You are too bad,Not at ease with me”

Yao Chunni may be sleeping,She wore only a thin short shirt on her upper body,Maybe the clothes are a bit small,Her tall chest pushed her blouse to the top。
She is wearing shorts that are short above the knee,Two white legs exposed under the shorts,Wang Youcai’s eyes are almost growing。He can’t figure it out,Yao Chunni is a farmer,Work in the field every day,Either wind or sun。But her skin is still a bit white。
Wang Youcai saw that Yao Chunni didn’t mean to come,So he smiled and said:“You just come,I’ll send it to you”Wang Youcai said,Lifted the plastic bag on the kang,Walked around on the steps,Because the yard is full of rain。
Yao Chunni saw that Wang Youcai really came over,She wanted to close the door in a hurry,But where would Wang Youcai allow her to do this?。Wang Youcai pushed hard,His fat body squeezed in。
“You go out,I am wearing sleeping clothes,If you get hit by your mother-in-law,That would be a big trouble”Yao Chunni says,So he stretched out his hand to push Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai swooped up,Yao Chunni’s soft body hit Wang Youcai’s arms,Yao Chunni, blushing, pushed Wang Youcai,But where can she push。Wang Youcai, who was prepared in his heart, put his hands together,Hugged Yao Chunni tightly in her arms。
Yao Chunni is ashamed and angry,She was panting,Lowered his voice and said:“You let me go,This is the countryside,Unlike the people in your city,If I run into my mother-in-law,Then I can’t live”
“Don’t be afraid,and me!Don’t hold on,Great years in your thirties,Still a widow,So distressing。Don’t worry and follow me,No one dares to treat you with me”Wang Youcai said,A hand violently grabbed Yao Chunni’s chest。
Yao Chunni couldn’t help shaking her whole body,My face is even redder。She wants to break free from Wang Youcai’s arms,But the body is soft like noodles,Doesn’t listen to her brain at all。
Wang Youcai holds Yao Chunni,Pushed her down on the edge of the kang。
“Chunni,This is Tiangong doing beauty,Such a heavy rain,Your mother-in-law can’t come back for a while”Wang Youcai panted and whispered in Yao Chunni’s ear。
Yao Chunni’s face flushed,She said out of breath:“Even if you don’t want this rainstorm,Relying on my mother-in-law’s walking speed,It doesn’t take an hour to go to Sambo’s house,She can’t come back”Yao Chunni didn’t know why she said these things to Wang Youcai,She feels almost crazy now。
Listen to what Yao Chunni said,Wang Youcai couldn’t help being overjoyed。The heart he was holding then let go,He let go of Yao Chunni,Ran over and closed the door。After all, this is broad daylight,And Yao Chunni is still married。
Yao Chunni suddenly felt that the mountain on her body was missing,She suddenly stood up,Ready to climb behind the kang,But how can she succeed。
Wang Youcai, who came in two steps, grabbed the elastic waistband of her big trousers with both hands.。Pull it down,Yao Chunni screamed in surprise。At this time,Wang Youcai behind him came over。