Disclose more easy to understand,jackieThere are a lot of mysterious customers who are unwilling to reveal their names.,These people have no relationships with official officials.,Purely,Nothing。

“It turns out that you are flying eaglejackie,Long-term name。”
Liao Wenjie is not very concerned about the gambling and the black,More interested in thieves circles,But see a saying,Will definitely not be wrong。
“Liao boss is,It is a few tens of times better than my friend.,Next again,I definitely come to you.。”jackieAiming at the timer that continues to leave a table,Laugh, laugh, don’t care。
Tens of thousands of pieces,Sprinkle,For a chance to meet high people,Make bigger。
“jackiegentlemen,with all due respect,you……”
【Bribe】Reading welfare is coming!You have the highest888Cash red envelope to be drawn!pay attention toweixthe public【】Puff red envelope!
“jackieIn one way,I don’t have any other hobbies this person.,I like to make friends.。”
“Well,Since this,jackieDon’t call me Liao boss.,My name is Liao Wenjie,The brothers called me.‘Jiege’!”
jackieBlink,Lingling on the small face of Liao Wenjie,Half of the half, no shy,Decisive sound:“Jiege!”
One said one,Single is this thick face, let him be self-confident.,Shouting a brother’s heart。
“Hahaha,just kidding,jackieBoss, you are not a brother,I dare to take you cheap.,Calling my Ajie is good。”
jackieSilent and half,Soon and Liao Wenjie has tall and talks.。
The two are just a round,Talk to the common topic,Add to each other’s meaning of the relationship with each other,Soon, brothers,About Talk。
“jackieBrother,with all due respect,This knife is very evil door.,Where did you stole??”Liao Wenjie opens the wooden box,Yin Yang,Long knife is not sheath,But there is a powerful killing face。
Inaccessible,It seems that there is a fierce beast,Want to break out,Kill a blood into the river。
Demon knife!
“Ager,Speak attention to wording,I am not stealing,It’s a way to take a look.。”
jackieShook his head,His passing a mountain shrine,Read the knife,Surprisingly, the evil,Lee hurt to others,Therefore, it is far from the original place.。
so,He did not steal,Top multi-operate,Still in a good heart。
alright,Your nose is big,What are you talking about?。
Liao Wenjie doesn’t want to argue,Trial color,I am worried about hurting my own office.,Straightforward:“Brother,This knife is very dangerous,I don’t want to be as hot as the previous hot day.,Even frozen,Be a demon knife,You must give it to me.。”
“Uh,Very expensive.,And I contact the buyer.。”
“Make money is good,Can make money, no life,That’s not good.。”
Liao Wenjie waves the wooden cassette,A yellow finish,Seal four evil spirits:“So good,Our brothers,I can’t let you go back.。I bought this knife.,Lose a loss,Your treatment fee。”
“No bar,You charge a thousand one minute,Talk to 60,000,This knife said less to sell five million。”jackieWide-eyed,Be so big,I have never seen anyone who will still suffer than Liao Wenjie.。
“hehe,Chat is indeed a thousand every minute,But I will help you with evil.,At least 10 million starting prices,Change a five million demon knives,Waiting for you to make a big earning five million,I still want to?”
“Ager,You are really shameless!”
“Each other,You are also very shameless。”