All over the world,After seeing this reward and the news,The reaction is also different。

Chamord Charlotte Lingling,That is the aunt,Looking at the news,Considering how to pull this new star thief。
Xiangks looked at the newspaper in his hand.,Continue to pick up the wine pot,Daddy’s drink。
White beards are similar to incense,Just evaluate a few words“good”,Continue to drink alcohol。
And the beasts look at the news,Out of disdainful eyes,It seems that the night is,Don’t do anything about it,Then I started my own.“suicide”journey of。
Originally, the night and the yellow gob,And the news that left,It is necessary to block。
After all, it is the highest force of the Navy.,Although it is not divided,But there is always a damaged navy’s face。
But the situation of the night is special,Navy does this,Is in expressing an attitude。
As for the expression,Naturally, the world’s aristocrats“Charles Saint”。
The navy’s words are obvious,Not our navy,We are all sent out of the Navy.,Just the enemy intelligence with them,Too much difference。
The night is completely famous.,Not more than ten years ago“Attachment”,Today’s night,Also can’t ignore,The reputation really has a role in the whole sea.。
Whole sea,Because the night is so trouble,Set off a huge wave。
One“Wang Xiaqi Wuhai”Step down,A navy is seriously injured,The power of the sea has become uneasy.。
But all this culprit,But I have left the world world,Go back to a world。
Familiar ceiling,Is Qi Yu’s home
Night is looking at itself,In addition to power consumption,Others don’t have a problem。
After seeing your body is not a big problem,Night, I quickly see my chest.,If he doesn’t make a mistake,Originally, he thought that the laser of him,Finally, it was absorbed.?
soon,I found the reason at night.,Absorbed the yellow laser,Unexpected,It should be the thing in the night.。
Props card:Ottman transients semi-activated
Effect:Altman’s transgators,After absorbing enough light,Can become new Altman,Only used Ottman world。
This transformed device has collected enough light,Lack of last human light,Fully activate。
s:After turning into light,Just put the big ancient soup!
“It seems that there is a laser,It should be absorbed by this object.,It is also because of a disaster。”
Breathing a long-lost air,Night, start looking for the figure of Qi Jade。
But I have always liked Qi Jade in my family.,At this time, there was an unexpected family.,Jenos is also the same,I don’t know where I went?。
Snorge here, no one,Night consciousness directly into the system space,Start a new round of card。
This time of the One Piece World Tour,Although the time is not long,But there is a lot of things。
That nearly seven or eight times randomly did not say,One thousand points“Hero points”,Already satisfied with the night。
After entering the system space,Night skilled, randomly extracted card。
Half an hour later,Night looked at a bunch of garbage,Weak sigh。
Because it is the last big harvest,Besides“Sun Wu Tian”Card,Already given the night’s European to thoroughly exhaust,Even overdraft。
Apex“Randomly extract”,A large pile of garbage,like what“Daxiong’s zero test volume”some type of,Although the night is unfortunate,I didn’t say anything.。
But even“Ram falling off the decades”This kind of girl also gives him,What does it mean??Do you become a metamorphosis??
Until near 10 times“Randomly extract”Down,Night, even gains a pair of good bracelets,As for others,All is a bunch of things that are useless。
Props card equipment:Gemini Bracelet Fantasy World Product
Effect:The legend of the brightened stars in Double Star,The metal is made。
When wearing two people,Through the extent to the other party,Can get up to 5% of the strength from the other side。
Two wearer,When the scope is not more than one kilometer in diameter,Self-capacity increases by five%!
s:Please worry with people with deep embarrassment,If there is no love,This item will not take any utilities。