The other person sneered:“Ding Lao Er,You can’t cultivate yourself,Usually only use silver needles。It doesn’t work now,Just want to join us,Why didn’t you agree to join forces when you grabbed power?!”
Hu Luze also said:“But a mortal in his twenties,I don’t believe how powerful it is!”
Ding Lao Er sees that they are not willing to join hands with him,See Chen Xiu looking at himself,Subconsciously took a few steps。
Hu Luze sneered:“Useless waste!”
He jumped up,Pounce like an eagle like Chen Xiu,Five fingers bent slightly into claws,Grabbed at Chen Xiu’s face,From wrist to finger,Stretch straight,Extremely strong。
Chen Xiu sees that the opponent’s claws are extraordinary,Not dare to resist,Body shape,Let go lightly。
Hu Luze missed,Catch and follow,This move is faster and more violent,Chen Xiu leaned forward and dodged to the left。
Hu Luze missed two consecutive catches,Even more angry:“Kid,Hide and hide like a girl,What a hero!”
Chen Xiu retorted:“Only women fight with claws,You are not a man!”
Hu Luze dancing with his hands,Third catch、Fourth catch、Fifth grabbing out,In a flash,One becomes a gray dragon,Long Ying Fei Kong,Dragon Claw Dance,Suppress Chen Xiu with nowhere to dodge。
Chen Xiu didn’t come to dodge the space,Raising the palm to condense the sword energy will cut off his five fingers,But I saw the same smile on Hu Luze’s face,Chen Xiu suddenly had more thoughts,I saw the flashing green on his nails under the light。
“He must have smeared poison on his nails!”
Chen Xiu didn’t dare to confront him,Quickly retract the palm,Hu Luze sees Chen Xiu’s change,Thought to myself:“You do not attack,I’ll just twist your neck!”
Ding Lao Er and both thought that Hu Luze would succeed,suddenly“boom”A gunshot,Hu Luze painfully covered his left palm with his right hand,Sadly scolded:“We compete,You drew your gun while playing Yin!”
Chen Xiu said proudly, blowing the muzzle of a smoking pistol:“What age is it now,Who can compete with you?,I don’t need a gun!”