Did not ask deeply,Did not ask,In fact, compared to a new student soldier who violated military discipline,The gains of the abyss fault are too great,The officers didn’t care if Li Hongyan lied,Just find someone,They don’t have time to care about others。

The work of sorting out the harvest naturally falls on the two veterans,They are stronger than professionals in this respect,Collapsing,Parcel sticker,Paste them one by one,Pack it into a backpack,You Xiuxiu and a few people carry on the journey。
Gan Yifan really wants to stay,It’s just that it’s no better than before,Before Li Hongyan could stay secretly,That’s because there are more than 100 people on the platform,Noisy,No one noticed her。But there are only a few people,He has no chance to sneak。
Had to set off together。
But he found that the lights on the platform were not turned off,He judged that Li Dachuan is very likely to send back the harvest and return。
Waterproof outside,Sandworms still exist,Light up,You can see sandworms swimming from time to time。
“Turn off the lights。”Xiuxiu said。
Only then did Gan Yifan realize that he was only turning on his headlights。
Turn off headlights,Light from the platform,Hazy。
Li Dachuan was the first to step into the water under such light,I saw him like a fish,Disappear in the dark for an instant,I caught a sandworm in a short while,Floating above the hole。
The two veterans are very conscious,Split into the water,Swim to both sides,For a moment the light came on from them,Away quickly。
obviously,They are attracting the attention of other sandworms。
“Same as when I came,Follow up。”
Xiuxiu confessed,Lightly into the water,Dao Zai followed Xu Wan with Xu Yu,The other two officers brought Li Hongyan into the water,Gan Yifan slows down,Still want to find a chance to stay,Then he found,The two remaining officers did not follow,They stay on the abyss platform。
This will completely dispel the thoughts he left behind。
11 days away,The lake continued to rise for eleven days,Photos taken by satellites have begun to take shape“Ear of the earth”Prototype,The estimated area is more than two hundred square kilometers。
On the desert,Many places are flooded,Including the mountain that used to be the camp,A small part of the mountain is already in the lake,And the camp was moved to another place within two days after they left。
Swim over the mountain in the original camp,Continue to swim a few miles forward,Go ashore。
Still a mountain,The camp is still built on the mountain。
In fact, the desert environment looks almost the same,Not to mention that it can move sand dunes that have no fixed shape,Just talk about the stone,High low,You can tell the difference by carefully distinguishing。