at the same time。

Castle in a villa in Qinghai。
White creek lying in bed,Breathing seems smooth,But the body is twitching from time to time.。
A old man wearing Tang,The looks of the look unprecedented,Half,He shook his head,Remove the right hand。
“Brother,How about?”
Baishan Water is immediately tense inquiry。
“I have already stabilized his injury。”
The old people have a deep breath,Rotating and slow,“But I can’t eradicate,Want to completely cure,Only two roads can be taken。”
“Which two roads?”Baishan underwater consciousness。
“First,Please hand or too old and old,second,Catch the little scorpion called summer,Forced him to treat。”
He put his hand,Place the white mountain water opening,“There are many things to do in the head.,Unable to go down,But too long, I’m very good to see the future of dry.,I want to sit.。”
Merely,The old man flashed a swift killing,“As for the little scorpion,So much spicy,I am going to take a while will be a while.,People like this,Can’t stay。”
“Correct,Never let him live in the world!”
White mountain water bite teeth,Immediately,“I have already planned these two days.,If there is no accident,Creating the little scorpion。”
Paused,His words turn,“A brother,I just received a message,It is said that the gathering of the cloak appears again.,In a woman in hand,The woman disappeared,But her daughter is still in Qinghai.。”
The old face is slightly changed,“Is the message reliable??”
“uncertain,But Meng Jiamai news,These days are that there are many Expedition disciples of ancient Wumenpai to gather in Qinghai.。”
“Is this this?”
The old man recovered calm,Pensive moment,“Let people stare first first.”
Not finished,The ringtone of the white mountain water suddenly slammed。
See the above number,He didn’t hesitate,Immediately。“White old,I want to tell you something”Opposite,The voice of the Menghai, the Mun family。
NS851chapter Take you to eat a big meal
A red Porsche,Slow driving in the night。
Very quiet in the car,No one speaks,But the atmosphere is not dull。
Anti-summer driving,Lake an eye, a rearview mirror,Break the silence,“Old willow,What do you think?。”
Liu Qingqing, sitting on the rear seat, looking forward,Pretty face is full of complicated complexity。
What happened tonight,For her,Have a considerable impact。
But this is not a focus。
The key is that Liu Qing clearly detected a discovery that made her some fear。
She is not the first time I have seen the summer fight,I have even seen the killing。
For example, foreign women kidnapped her and Qinling,It was killed in the summer.。
After a long time afterwards,Whenever,Liu Qingqing feels extremely strong uncomfortable。
No matter how bad each other is,Can be a living life,Just killed in front of you.。
Tonight,She once again saw the summer murder。
Liu Qing clearly,I don’t have much emotion.。