Tolsmut looked at Lin Yu Road。

“it is good,Who will try!”
Lin Yu is holding a gun in hand,Gunzhi dark,Probably there is a bowl of thick size,These annual Lin Yu,Tolsmut and other people are mainly developed in the Greedy Palace.。
Lin Yu’s horses pointed to the empty,At this moment, everyone stares at the guns of the gun.,Lin Yu gently bucking the trigger。
A spare sound,I shoot a bullet in the muzzle of the god.,This bullet whistling,Power carrying powerful horror,Tim a black beam。
This speed makes everyone in the field have lost color。
A dramatic explosion sound came from the sky,Far away3000Midway,A bloody shield is like a mountain,A dramatic trembling,This is a broken day of the three-running treasure。
Named blood shield!
Used to offset the power of the fire。
Blood shield,A shadow came out,This person is the king of God,Dawei Wang face micro-white,Rao is he has already been successfully cultivated,Achievement of Xuan Huang,I also eat a dark loss under a shot.。
However, the big king is pale,But the face is with exciting。
Long Lin Yu,Tolsmu,Yamoto 鸠 兹 等 人 热 热 欢 欢,These years of greedy greedy,Twist time and space,They have been developing a fire gun。
It has been developing for thousands of years and finally has a greater progress.。
“Congratulations,Congratulations,Congratulations on several teachers。”Oriental empty,Solo,Tang Second and other people look at Torsema with reverence,Yamoto,Lin Yu and others。
These people may not be strong,However, their contribution to the people is destined to be more than those god.,Even the character of the Holy Emperor must be strong。
Success of this new weapon,Will bring the meaning of the ethnic group,Human history will enter new chapters。
In the depths of the greedy palace,Oriental empty,Tang Second and others to Lin Yu,Tolsmut and others are also the ceremony of the teacher.,No slightly slow。
Lin Yu,Tolsmut and others are of course not willing,This is in this way.,From its Tang family and night home,And Lin Feng has thousands of contacts。
But the Oriental empty,Tang two,Solo,Li Xihua and others insist on this,Swear to death,Lin Yu,Tolsmu,Yamoto 鸠 兹 等 人 can only be called by them。
“Congratulations,Congratulations!”Many sages after Lin Yu and other people have also smiled together。
They are excited,This kind of mitual gun is given to them,That is undoubtedly a powerful help,The characters on the same level directly came to a shot.。
Lin Feng’s laughter came,He came to this void with Yi Mountain King.。
Lin Yu,Tolsmu,Yamamotoqui and others have greeted and greet it.。
“Strong attack power?”Lin Feng asked with a smile,Face with proud,No matter how Lin Yu played a huge role in this matter,There is a lot of power to the greedy palace.。