And their team now auxiliary,The palace is very familiarata,Last year World World ArmyKTAssistant。

Smart,last yearKT,Also the Galaxy Warri。
Miya Qingwen is happy with Lenovo,Suddenly his shoulder was taken.。
“Think about it??”
Look at it,Liu Qingsong is siping, I don’t know that it is a watermast or the essence.,I have to lose him with some curious eyes.。
“Oh,Nothing,Just thinkingSKT。”
Say,Palace Qing Wen also looked at Liu Qingsong to apply the action。
Liu Qingcong really likes skin care,this isIGEveryone in the team is very clear.。
Roommate as Liu Qingsong,Palace Qingwen is often pulled together。
In the words of Liu Qingong,Palace Qing Wen is never worse, this face。
See the eyes of the palace,Liu Qingcong raised his hand。
See the palace clear,Liu Qingsong is only with him into the training room.。
“SKT?You,This spring has not yet played yet.,I think so far things go.?”
The palace is clearly laughing.,road:“You won’t feel that we can fightJDG,Will be black seven?”
Liu Qingcong shook his head,“That is not,I amIGHave enough confidence。”
Say,He turned his head to watch the palace Qing Wen。
“Just Palace,You have to focus on the current,Don’t want to think so far,It’s a very bad thing.。”
Palace Qing Wen is crying。
“Don’t learn my fan,What Miyao Guoqi,Even if the female powder is called.,The key is that a big master is also called every day.。”
Liu Qingsong eyebrows,“Your gender discrimination is?Look down on men?I will hang it on tomorrow.!”
Palace Qingwen turned a white eye,Surround Liu Qingsong。
The two are more and more familiar with,Palace Qingwen is getting more and more,Liu Qingsong’s nature is actually a very sand carving。
It is just that the usual idol is too heavy.。
Just sitting on your own seat,Palace Qingwen suddenly remembered something。
This parallel time and space,It seems that many players have been fell by the butterfly effect.。
Not just a famous scene operation,Even some famous scenes are also,The singer of the singer of the singer of the singer。
Bright eyes,The sight of the palace is slowly turned.ngDirection。
Flying fast four days,LPLThe audience feel that I haven’t been over?,Spring is already in front of you.。
And before the game officially begins,The audience is more interested in things,There is only a classic game in front of the classic game.。
League has developed today,It has become more and more commercialized.。