Summer puts on mobile phone,“I want to call the emperor,Originate,Table,Entangled。”

Lingering your sister!
Luo Qianjin can’t wait to die before this bastard,Priority,First take the phone back and say。
Now,She rises red face,Upper body,Slowly close to the opposite summer。
immediately……She slowly laughed。
That exquisite doll face,Like melting,More like being spoiled with adults,On the side of the eye,Sideways open。
“Good brother……”
Sound is crisp,Fierce,Don’t have a taste。
Summer fierce,A successful feeling。
But the next moment,He suddenly became wide。
See him,Luo Qiao gold is laughing,But the look is full of charm,“Good brother……Also give your phone to others,Don’t do it?,Good brother……”
Not finished,Sudden sound behind him。
Luo Qianjin was shocked,Hurry,I saw Liu Qingqing straight.,But I opened a small mouth,Faced stunned。
At the foot is a blue data clip。
“Old willow,You have to be a master for me.,She seduce me。”
In the summer, the hand of the rude plug in Luo Qi Qianjin,Then a face of grievances,Priority。
After the end,Escape the way outward。
You are paralyzed.!
Luo Qianjin can’t believe in your ears,Qi。
this moment,She actually gave birth to a feeling of being strong。
“Liu Dong,Not he said……”
react to,Interpretation of the consciousness of Luo Qianjin。
Just not finishing,It was interrupted by Liu Qingqing.,“I know。He is a dog thing that is meaningless, shameless.。”
Luo Qianjin,That doll is sleeping on the face,“what?”
Liu Qingqing shakes his head,Take the summer of the bunkie,Cold channel,“summer,Two or a half of the meeting room meeting!”
Summer figure,Slowly turn over,Hit haha,“No need.,I give old willow your face,I didn’t pursue her this time.,Why should the people do their best?……”
See his wretched,Liu Qingqing does not play,The folder on the bend and pick up the floor directly in the summer.。“I kill you a dog.!”
NS189chapter Drive
Summer fleeing。
But Luo Qianjin is a little dumbfound。
Although she is a baby face,It’s not a ignorant girl。
Director of the President Office of Baihua Group,In this moment,She has seen a lot of things。