Le Zhenxi:“”Looking at her because of shy and red,Le Zhenxi is very cute。

Dream soft, I dare n’t look at him.,The same shrinkage is hiding in the quilt。
“hehe”Le Zhenxi laughs,Don’t feel very happy。
Little woman looking at drilling into the quilt,How do he feel very cute??
have to say,He is very pleasant at this moment.。
“Okay,Don’t bold yourself,I won’t joke you.。”
Le Zhenxi looked at her for a long time.,I am afraid that she takes her face.“stew”Be more red。
Dream soft to pull the quilt,Her self-suffering is uncomfortable。
This day one night,She is very sad,Selfless,Can you have your own feelings,She always loves,Will not make yourself。
Before she didn’t have a deep boyfriend,Xie Xi Xia is a man who meets the longest time.。
“President,You go back.,I can,I am calling for takeaway.。”
Le Zhenxi is here,She is still some uncomfortable。
He stands in front of her,She feels breathing.。
This feeling is very depressed,She is very unnatural,也不知道为什么会这样,只有一种感觉,压抑。
梦柔笑道:“别说谢星眠了,Even my mom, I don’t know, I live here.,This house bought,I can’t stay in half a year.,My mother has never been back.,In addition to the security uncle, the security guard at the entrance is once,No other people have come,You and Blue Sister are the first time to come to my house.。”
Le Zhenxi sleeps at this peace of mind。
Look at Le Zhenxi,Dream is slowly sitting straight。
Think about him to rest,Suddenly I feel that my home is not so lonely.。
“嗡嗡”Mobile phone vibrates。
Dream soft hesitation,Still。