“In fact, some things you can talk to your grandmother.!look at you,Wrinkled frown sitting in that afternoon。I don’t come to find a lot of milk and say it.!If you can give you an idea?!Little age is in your heart.!”

Su Grandma finally said in his heart.。From small to large,I feel that my granddaughter has no idea.,I have been in my heart。Every day, the most doing things are sitting。
“Milk,I just think that I am raising, I don’t eat those chickens.!No other things!”
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“Um,Nothing!I see that you raise a big one.,Those chicks may be afraid not to go up.!Grow out some!”
“Big Mother said this。”
In fact, there is still some lost,But Niu Niu hides it very well,Did not reveal on your face。
“Don’t worry about these things,Even if you don’t have your bug,There are also remaining foods in your home to feed them.!Niu Niu, you can play every day.!”
God knows,I want to hear this sentence when I am in the past.。
An An Xin’s heart is playable!
Unfortunately, no one said!
At that time, the college entrance examination is desperate,Desperate learning,I thought it was easy for the test.。As a result, one to the university,I completely break the fantasy。
The school’s various inspections have emerged,A lot of activities in a mess,Also compulsory participation。Plus, want to make a little money to subsidize the living fee,Busy two feet do not touch。
There is no time to touch even your hobby.,Don’t say it is fun.!
It is strange that,After the Su family,Suddenly I didn’t want to play.,I just want to do things well.,I want to get rich with the people in the village.。
Maybe people find the true self-worth,Will produce the desire to struggle!
“I am playing every day.,Don’t do something wrong!Still not yelling.!”
“Niu Niu~”
Su Grandma is also confused,It seems that this is right.。Just feel different from other children or feelings.,Especially Tihu。Niu Niu is too calm,Surprisingly like an adult。
“I am happy every day.!”
Niu Niu started a big laugh
Looking at the smile on his own granddaughter’s face,Su Milk feels that he might want to think more.。Every child has the characteristics of every child,Niu Niu is a quiet and calm。Others have envied eager to envy.!
“Milk,I am back!”
Tiger’s flourishing into the yard,After the big shocked fuss in the past few times,Already immunized this matter,Faint expression,
“Niu Niu,I’m back!”
Tiger, who did not get a response, not discouraged,Declare your existence to everyone。
“Mr. today teaches us to write,You wait,I show you!”
Tiger’s small bag in front of him,Keep down。
It should be clearly in the inside.,I don’t know where he has found some messy things.。Leaves,Stone, a full book bag,It’s hard to find something now.。
“All right,Don’t find it first.,Quickly wash your hands.!”