Hu Huiru asked even more without understanding:“Why i slapped you in the face?“

“Was the contract signed by the two of us??This cooperation period has not expired,You just want to break the contract,You are not hitting me in the face,That’s hitting yourself in the face?“That’s it for Xia Jian,Smile。
Hu Huiru never thought,Xia Jian went around or let her in。But things got to this point,She has no retreat。If you give up now,Isn’t she busy these two days?。
“President Xia!You are a strong word,I don’t agree with you saying that“Hu Huiru said with a serious face。
First1363chapter Duel
Meet,The two started offensive,In words,This is called a game of the strong。
Till now,Xia Jian is also the first to appreciate Hu Huiru’s strength and wit。She is not at the helm of Dongsheng Group,Want her to be defeated the first time,It’s really not easy。
Xia Jian’s mind was spinning fast,He is looking for a new breakthrough。Hu Huiru is smiling,Gives a very calm look,In fact, her heart is on the verge of collapse at this time。Xia Jian is indeed well-deserved,Not only speak logically and carefully,And reasonable。
Although they are talking about business,Should not involve personal feelings in it,But people are animals with emotions,Be careful about everything。
“President Hu!Can you have a bitter coffee?You Dongsheng Group have everything,Just don’t have this”Xia Jian suddenly laughed and said。
When Hu Huiru tensed his nerves, thinking about how to respond to Xia Jian’s question,I didn’t expect him to change the topic,But want to drink bitter coffee。This is the high-end living room,It can be said that it has everything,Naturally there is no shortage of coffee。
“Impossible, President Xia!We have all kinds of coffee here,I’ll ask someone to rush you”Hu Huiru said,And pressed it gently on the table。A few seconds,The door opens,Her secretary walked in quickly。
“Secretary Xu!Make a bitter coffee for Mr. Xia,Then notify the two vice presidents to come here”Hu Huiru said loudly。Xia Jianyi listen,It seems that Hu Huiru still has a fight to the death today,Going to master,This shows that she is already guilty。
Secretary Xu heard Xia Jian wanted to drink bitter coffee,Can’t help but frown。Xia Jian saw it,Happy in heart,He laughed and said:“President Hu,Your coffee here is instant coffee,It usually contains sugar,So don’t make it difficult for Secretary Xu”