Busy in the city these days,He’s really tired。He usually sleeps with the TV to accompany him to sleep,This time he didn’t do it,But turned off all the lights in the room,He wants to force himself to sleep。But tired,Not forced at all,In a while,Wang Youcai fell asleep。

Fire in Wang Youcai’s room,There are electric blankets on the bed。So even though it is the twelfth lunar month,,But he doesn’t feel cold in his room。
In a daze,Wang Youcai in his sleep feels cold,Then there was a bunch of soft,And something very cold clung to him。
Wang Youcai woke up in shock,He immediately understood that someone got into his bed,It should be this Liu Ying again。Don’t look at this woman being serious during the day,But at night,Especially in bed,She is not a peaceful person。
Woman’s body is cold,Desperately stick to Wang Youcai。Wang Youcai suddenly felt something was wrong,Because of this person,There is a good smell of perfume。Wang Youcai knows,Liu Ying in the Diamond Kitchen every day,I should never use this stuff,It’s hard that this person is Feng Yan?
When Wang Youcai thought of Feng Yan,The little heart beats wildly。But he pretends a lot,Deliberately scolded:“What a fucking skank,Zhengxiang where I sleep,Why do you alarm me??”
“Good you are rich,You live in such a warm room,Let me sleep in the same room as the ice cellar,Do you bear your heart?”In Feng Yan’s anger,Finally uttered。
Wang Youcai deliberately:“what!”Went on to say:“It is you!Not to let you go,But you said you want to live there,Why am I so embarrassed not to let you live in??”
“roll!”Feng Yan cursed lightly,His hands and feet greeted Wang Youcai’s body。
At this time, Wang Youcai can’t wait,He doesn’t care about anything,Think of nothing。Sleeping beside such a stunner,What old Chinese doctor’s advice,He has forgotten everything。There is only one sentence left in his mind“Death under the peony,Be a ghost”
Feng Yan was a little angry and deliberately prevented Wang Youcai from succeeding,But soon she gave up resistance。The big wooden bed squeaked overwhelmedly。
But Wang Youcai thanked Dr. Lu from the bottom of his heart,He can revive,Still his medicine works。This night,Neither of them slept much,Tossing till dawn,They just fell asleep in exhaustion。
Meet a raging fire with dry wood,Or long drought and heavy rain to describe these two people,Shouldn’t be too much。
Sleep almost noon,Wang Youcai in his sleep suddenly heard the sound of a car horn。He suddenly stood up,This ghost place where he lives,Who can drive to him at this time?what!Wang Youcai suddenly remembered。Feng Yan didn’t tell him yesterday,Has Hu Huiru arrived in Pingdu??
Over,She should have come to investigate the guard suddenly。Wang Youcai fiercely woke up Feng Yan who was sleeping beside him and said:“Get up soon!Hu Huiru is here”
Feng Yan heard that Hu Huiru was here,It’s also Yunluo got up。She moved quickly and put on her underwear,When the coat is worn, I hold it and run out of the door。