Originally, Sun Yarru, some small complaints were sent to the laptop by Li.,All the obstacles are sweeping。

She is also a place in a pound of the crab seedlings.,Heitang is also re-gotting with the help of the engineering team.。
Everything is on schedule。
And Sun Yaru followed Li with the wind, although in a yard,But the two are always anxious.,Isn’t these Li Hui Feng fell?,But Sun Yaru is a bit of fire.。
Because Lincheng sent her news again.。
She has been here for three months.,But I have never got to get Li’s wind,This makes the forest city have begun to be dissatisfied.。
The school is already going to start school,Lin Cheng even wanted to take a look at it.,However, in Sun Yuru’s persuasion, I still canceled this idea.。
Sun junior,The morning of the early autumn has begun to be a little cool.。
A big early morning,Li Hui has been called by Yang.。
Seeing that Yang Tie is surprised in all the way, it’s constant.。
“Li brothers,I am really god.,one night,One night,Those vegetables in the greenhouse,Strawberry,Tomatoes have been familiar with,How do you say so much??”
Yang Tie is,Vegetables are mature, nothing is nothing.,Because it is normal, vegetables are a batch of ripe maturity.,Such vegetables can be continuously supplied to some channels.,But there is too much maturity.,Small local channels can’t eat at all,And the remaining ten eight nine are broken.。
“Yang Da Ge,Let’s take a look.,After reading it,。”
Li Hui also didn’t expect him to drop a few drops in the well water.,Can cause such a quality。
When Li Hui is coming to the greenhouse check,Also some speechless,Four five hundred acres of greenhouses are mature,Strawberry red,No picking,The strawberry taste in the big shed has exudes a strong sweet taste.。
The greenhouse of tomatoes is almost like this。
“You,Li brothers,You hurry to contact the goods.,Otherwise, it can be completely ripe in a few days.,even”In the back, Yang Tie did not finish,But Li Hui has already understood。
I immediately laughed:“Do not worry,These I have a sales。”
Immediately pick up the mobile phone directly to Zheng Tiancheng。
Zheng Tiancheng also did not expect Li Hui Hui to call him,But when Li Hui Feng said that the vegetables were ripe,The whole person is stunned.。
Why didn’t he think of it so fast?,According to the understanding of his understanding, you need three months.,But the person is actually a little more than two months.。
“Li brothers,You didn’t joking me.?”
“Hey-hey,Can I joke with you this kind of thing??
Hurry and bring people to receive the goods,Four five hundred acres of greenhouses,Vegetables should also be,Price, you have to give me a high point.。”
One heard this,Zheng Tiancheng:“no problem,I also know that you are a member of our Zheng’s recent recently.,Price, your own,How much is you said?,I don’t pay with you.。”
Brothers,Why don’t I know this??
And I want a pound of strawberry one hundred pieces,Do you dare??”
“Hahaha as long as you dare,I will dare to,Don’t say it first.,I will take you to you.,By the way, with experts,You are waiting for me.。”
Zheng Tiancheng said that it will directly hang up the phone and start to link.,At the same time, I also called Zheng Ming Yun a call.,Description。
After getting your grandfather’s support,He is also busy,Racked in Lianhua Village, who fought quickly。
Li Hui Feng did not expect the other party to be so anxious。
But after Zheng Tiancheng finished the phone,He also gave Su Cool a call.,Explain the situation。
After all, he is also afraid that Zheng Tiancheng can’t eat so many vegetables.,And before Su Jin seems to have ideas,He feels necessary to let each other know,After all, there is no other party.,Those apples will not sell to the sky。
Su Chang is also a surprise when I received a call from Li Hui.,Because he has been in the hands of some of the land and real estate,Also form your team,Preparing to start the next development strategy in accordance with Li Hui’s actions。
However, the egg will never be placed in a basket. He is still understanding.,Just for Li Hui,He is extraordinarily。
The 475th chapter is a big 佬
“Lee brother,I will bring people in the night.,You can give me a point,Don’t sell it all。”
“Hey-hey,Su big brother,You said this,Four five hundred acres,Will not。”
Tonglongtong,Li Hui took directly with Yang Tie to leave.,As for the picking of vegetables,He feels waiting to pick it up.。