Xiaofeng Xian, smile。

Others say she will not imagine.,Just as a polite language,But if the other party is the words of Lin,She has to go to other places.。
Xiao Feng Xian invited:
“Just give you the wind and washing。”
“do not。”
Forest sounds did not want to reject directly。
He prefer to nurse, etc. Simple and simple game project。
Lin loudly 理 小 凤 仙,Push the door of the martyr in the labeling,Preparing to close,Suddenly emerged。
He doesn’t know this person.!But the identity should be responsible for his own service.。
It seems that the two are not good for their own servants.,After touching the bodies of the Dura, I will live.,Changed to this seemingly smart guy。
“Grade A。”
“it’s me。”
“I,I am responsible for your servant.,My name is。”
“Long-term name。I just came back,After sleeping,We are familiar with。”
Lin rang to the door of the cessation room,Show sleeper,Take out straw mat,Lay down,Stretching a lazy waist,Just closed your eyes,I heard the outer white catch:
“Lin returned back?come out faster,I have something to find。”
Xiao Fengxian:
“People just come back,You will not let him easily。”
“Big things,can not。”
Lin Lai is lazy and climbed,open the door,I saw the white adapter and sweating here.。
“event,event。Some people in the country are dead.,You have to pass a trip。”
Lin ring is some confused:
“Knowing the family is dividing, you can’t let the corpses have been buried directly by a corpse.,how?”
White caught walks around,Mutter:
“Zhigang’s son,Be careful。”
Lin looked at the white adapter to say,Know that the dead is not simple,But what is big??He can’t resist it.,Immediately start。